LSU's Campus

Why I LOVE my Sweet Baton Rouge™! 

If you're like me, woken up around 4 am this morning due to the lovely weather moving in this am,  snoozing through my alarm sounds ideally like perfection. When it rains in Baton Rouge, you might as well travel by foot or by bike. It's a complete grid lock. So, thinking about having to get out of bed and head off to class is the last thing I want to do. However, I motivated myself to get out the door and head to class. As I was dodging the large rain drops on my head, I stopped and took it all in, even on the rainiest of days LSU's campus is still absolutely beautiful....and peaceful! I stopped and thought to myself, heres my true motivation. This campus is one of the many reasons I love my Sweet Baton Rouge™.

If you make a visit to Louisiana be sure to stop by Louisiana State University, it just might become your motivation to roll out of bed on a rainy day! 


Written By: Caroline [SFT} Intern xoxo