The Top 5 Countdown of Things to Love About the Dallas Gift Market:

What a great time we’ve had at the Dallas Gift Market this weekend! There are so many amazing things to see here at the show!  This is a building consisting of 15 floors that are full of entrepreneurship and cleverness at its best! While at the Dallas Market we’ve had so many fun adventures!  Here is just a small sampling and a countdown of some of the things we loved about market this trip!

 #5. All the yummy gourmet food samples surrounding our booth in the Gourmet and Team Spirit section on the 12th floor temporaries to include glazed and roasted nuts by “The Nutty Bavarian,” which are delicious cashews, almonds, or my favorite being a Southerner, the pecans! We have been smelling their amazing aroma every day we’ve been here, and the owners have been kind enough to give us lots of samples! Another booth we have frequented was the “Low Cal-O-Rita” margaritas booth and met the family behind it! They have 100 calorie margarita and strawberry margarita! Too good to be low cal, for sure! 

| Mills Gourmet | Family Owned in Lindale, TX

 | The Nutty Bavarian | 

* So so so yummy and can be found locally at Cabela's. Gonzales, LA. 

#4. Starbucks coffee locations on several floors for the perfect morning and afternoon pick-me-up! Who doesn’t love a good coffee? We certainly do, and it was just the thing we needed to wake up, and be ready to greet our customers each morning here at market! 


#3: Staying at the Magnolia Hotel Dallas in downtown that has FREE milk and cookies every night! This hotel is in a great location, so we’ve been able to walk to some yummy restaurants nearby! We were able to shuttle back and forth to market every day from there, so it was quite convenient too! You can find this hotel at

| Yummy Y'all

#2: Talking to, networking, and meeting interesting people like the precious “Crockin’ Girls” from Texas who are launching their second cookbook! Not only are they super sweet, but they were easily approachable!  We’ve really enjoyed talking to them and sharing ideas every day that we have been here at market!  You have to order their newly released and second crockpot cookbook!  Their first cookbook that I have and use often is found at I have to share this Game Day snack recipe with you! Here it is:! To go along with the tailgate theme and feel we have at Southern Football T-Shirts, we will be blogging more yummy recipes that can be used at your next tailgate event, and will be carrying their cookbooks on our website as well! 

| The awesome Crockin' Girls |


We’ve made friends with everyone we’ve met here, to include the shuttle driver who had an amazing story about his daughter’s hard work paying off with perfect attendance since grade school! She was featured on the Dallas news stations, which we HAD to Google, about receiving a large college scholarship when she completed high school from an anonymous donor!  It was a great feel good story that you can be sure will make you proud of this dad for raising a hardworking young woman! 

And…drum roll, please…

 #1: Finding all the clever Shark Tank invention booths for things we’ve seen on TV that are successes like the “Pursecase” where we met and chatted with the sweet girls behind it! What a great idea they had! We were so excited to see them after watching their episode! This purse is not only functional because it can carry your phone and credit cards, but oh SO stinkin’ adorable!  We can’t wait to wear them to dinner tonight, and on the upcoming trip we have planned to New York for the TexWorld USA show! Oh... also the perfect size for tailgating and approved for all NFL stadium games! Click here to read the NFL Stadium Bag Policy.   Cute, cute, cute, y’all! Check out their website at Also, because we thought they were so great, we decided to carry them in black and gold for Saints games and purple and yellow for LSU games! Coming soon to our website! 

Such an amazing product created by Kelly! 





XOXO -- Misty and Meredith with our smiling faces from the Dallas Gift Market :)

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