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    SFT Blog

    I'd Rather be at the Beach! | Life is Good Today

    There are some things in life that God has just made to soothe the soul.  The beach is one of them.  I mean the beach is just- fun.   The chance to read a book you never have time to read, wear no make-up, hair in a ponytail or cute SFT hat, sunglasses, the smell of sun tan lotion, adult beverages (which is always nice), the sound of waves crashing, sunshine and sun kissed skin, family, friends….it’s just pure happy to all five senses!

    Most of us only get several days a year to experience this heaven on earth but don’t fear southern girls! Shop Football Tees has created yet another way to keep that happy all year long……the ‘I’d Rather Be At The Beach’ Comfort Colors Tees and Tanks.  I mean how awesome to see a shirt in your closet that immediately makes you think, and go, if just for a second, to that 100% total relaxation that only the beach can offer?  So get one in every perfectly be achy color (more coming soon!) to get you through the hustle and bustle of real life until the calendar, that we’ve had marked for at least six months, reads ‘BEACH VACAY’ with your thoughts of your toes in the sand, drink in your hand, because life is good today! 

    Until then…..remember the beach is just a Shop Football Tee (or two) away ☺ 




    Pictures by Bliss Photography

    Art by Painted Post

    Blog Written by: Holly Owen martinez



    Mardi Gras It's A Southern Thing

     Bring on the Mardi Gras CarnivMardi Gras It's A Southern Thingal Season! 
    While our beloved NO is where most think of when we mention    Mardi Gras, the carnival season engulfs the entire state. So if you  are in the state of Louisiana during January- March you, no doubt will find a parade or float at your fingertips.
    Mardi Gras is also a fashion forward time for our people. What to wear AND to stand out is what we all strive for…..and we have the best idea ever!!! A Shop Football Tees of course! You can mix a Sweet Baton Rouge with some skinny jeans and boots or a Forever New Orleans with a tutu and feather boa or get both and mix and match!!
    We also all know that in Louisiana one of our most important accessories is our beverage of choice, a famous Hurricane or Bloody Mary from THE Pat O’Brian’s, all safe and cool in your Football Tee koozie to match your Football Tee precious, one of a kind, shirt while you stroll the Quarter listening to Zydeco and being a part of what makes Mardi Gras what it is!
    So put on your green, purple and yellow Shop Football Tees girls- straight from the one and only Shop Football Tees and go have a BALL……and remember MARDI GRAS IS A SOUTHERN THING!
    Pictures by Bliss Photography.
    Pictures by: Bliss Photography
    Mardi Gras It's A Southern Thing artwork by: Painted Post
    Blog written by: Holly Martinez
    Pictures by: Bliss Photography!