Back to School | Southern Style

How exciting is it to be back at college surrounded by all of your friends. Here are our TOP 5 Must things to do now that school is back in session!

3.  Take a few days to get acclimated with the university or getting readjusted since you've been away. Start checking out events that will be taking place at your university to and get excited to be on campus. Find out all what campus life has in store for you.  Get involved in clubs, intramural sports, and so on. College isn't just about studying, it's about creating new friendships and adventures for yourself. 

2. Football and Tailgating.. Now this is a huge must in the south! So go enjoy all the amazing southern tailgating food, ladder toss, or bean bag toss. Pick up a Koozie too while you're at it.  

1. Get comfortable while studying this fall in style. Our Southern Magnolia Shirt Co. line is perfect for staying simply southern in our casual southern wear!  If you happen to go to LSU, The Greek Theater on LSU's Campus is one of our favorite spots to soak up knowledge! ?









XOXO - Caroline| Blogger | Intern