We Came to WIN

LSU win.....
Ok LSU and a WIN are music to a Louisiana girl's ears. I mean a WIN is much better than a cowbell, right? RIGHT!  
We have the ears covered, now for the eyes....a LSU/WIN shirt plus comfy jeans and a scarf or the awesome shirt with a bit 'dressier' skinny, ankle boots and accessories....Gracious y'all, THE CHOICES!!!

The only thing to make your decision easier on the eyes would be for Adam Levine to come along with one of the outfits . Bad news is Football Tee girls, chances are pretty high that Adam won't be there; however the good news is, you WIN no matter what! Either of these super cute looks are always gonna be a for sure, 100%, no doubt about it....... WIN! Geaux Tigers!!! 

Written by, Holly Martinez

Die hard tigers fan! 



Blog Contributor: Holly Owen Martinez