Meet Leslie, Content Writer and Blogger for SFT

Leslie Presnall is a Baton Rouge-based blogger at Southern Flair and the Founder/President of The Baton Rouge Fashion Council. By day, she also entertains middle school students as their English teacher. She graduated from LSU in 2010 with a degree in Mass Communication and again in 2013 with a MAT in Secondary Education from Louisiana Tech.

Leslie first met Meredith through email when she featured an SFT t-shirt on her blog in 2013. They officially met in real life at a Baton Rouge Fashion Council pop-up shop in 2015. It wasn’t until the August 2016 flooding that they were brought together in an unexpected way.

Leslie was in the midst of planning Fall Fashion Fest (which was scheduled for two weeks after the flood) and Meredith called one morning to check on the status of the event. In conversation, Leslie asked how the Cajun Navy t-shirt sales were going since she had seen them all over social media.

To her surprise, Meredith had over 2000 online t-shirt orders that need to be tagged, packaged and shipped. Leslie offered to come into the showroom to help since her school had been cancelled due to the floodwaters.

Leslie spent a few days working in the showroom learning the day-to-day tasks of running a t-shirt business (but mostly how to tag t-shirts!). They realized they had a ton in common through their businesses and how closely their brands aligned.

A couple months later, Meredith brought Leslie onto the team as a content writer for social media. Today, she writes copy for all social media posts and blog posts and helps to develop the overall voice of the brand.

Plus, she writes the Lagniappe Box informational insert each month -- which she compares to being on an episode of Chopped. But instead of having random ingredients in a box to cook, she’s given random items in a box to write a story about.

All-time favorite SFT T-shirt: I Heart BR

Go-To Coffee Order: Cold Brew, Black

Favorite Local Restaurant: Las Palmas & The Overpass Merchant

Best Baton Rouge Event: Live After 5 or any LSU football tailgate. I’m also a little biased when it comes to Fall Fashion Fest! :)

Most Used App On Your Phone: Instagram... hands down.

Can’t Leave The House Without… Cell phone, chapstick and sunglasses

Cat or Dog? Dog, but mostly chihuahuas!

Favorite Place To Visit in Louisiana: West Monroe since that’s home to me.

Three words to describe you: Curious. Creative. Adventurous.

Guilty Pleasure TV Show: The Bachelor. And anything by Shonda Rhimes.

Favorite Person To Follow On Instagram: Jeff Mindell (@jeffmindell)

Dream Vacation: Somewhere tropical like Bora Bora!