Meet Meredith, founder and CEO of SFT

Meredith Waguespack is the CEO and founder SFT, or Southern Football Tees. She graduated in 2005 from Southeastern University with a Bachelor's degree in marketing.

Before owning her own business, Meredith was a 19-year-old trying to make her mark on “the big city” of Baton Rouge. She moved here in 1999 from the small town of Athens in North Louisiana.

It was the most exciting and scariest time in her life. Later she would realize that moving away from her friends and family inspired her Sweet & Southern collection -- daydreaming of those country days and small town life.

After taking some time off from college, she returned in 2003 to further pursue her degree. That same year would be a big one because she also met her now-husband, Bart.

He was older than her; a single dad of a 7-year-old and 9-year-old. But she knew he was the guy she wanted to marry on their first date.

They were married in 2006, and Meredith was so happy to adopt his two “children”  -- who were now 18 and 21 years old. She was officially their mama and couldn’t be prouder. In 2008, Brody came into the world and completed their family of five. Today, Meredith is a mom of three and grandmother of two!

How did SFT get started?

Meredith stopped working shortly after Brody was born. Her mother-in-law and sister-in-law started a children’s clothing line called ABS Kids Design. From their work, she started learning more about running a business, including creating wholesale accounts, outsourcing, attending markets and so much more.

As fall approached, they created a simple line of children’s tees for football season. Meredith had several hundred printed and went door to door selling them.

Eventually, she believed selling t-shirts was more her calling than designing children’s clothing, and SFT was born. At that time, it was simply Football Tees, LLC. She was now pursuing her passion to create fun Southern style for everyday life!

All-time favorite SFT T-shirt: Sweet Baton Rouge

Go-To Coffee Order: White Chocolate Mocha

Favorite Local Restaurant: Superior Grill for my newest passion for margaritas. Ruffino’s for date night. Hello Sushi for their Rock-n-Roll!  

Best Baton Rouge Event: Saturday night in Tiger Stadium and the Louisiana Marathon

Most Used App On Your Phone: Instagram, Google Drive and A Color Story

Can’t Leave The House Without…sunglasses, rain jacket, SFT hat, and a cardigan

Cat or Dog? Dog, Her name is Bayou inspired my husbands camp, "Guns Bayou" and she's the kindest pudlepointer.

Favorite Place To Visit in Louisiana: Heading back up North to see my family and friends in North Louisiana

Three words to describe you: Organized, Thoughtful, Talkative

Guilty Pleasure TV Show: Grey’s Anatomy, Housewives, Southern Charm, and I watch Friends every night to fall asleep.

Favorite Person To Follow On Instagram: I enjoy @geauxdowntownbr, @digbatonrouge, @altBR and @225magazine for their Baton Rouge community updates, and I love @mrsrachelhollis

Dream Vacation: Hawaii and Italy -- and Charleston for that Southern charm!