May Lagniappe Box Patriotic Vibes

Here at SFT, our Louisiana pride runs high, and since you're receiving the latest Lagniappe Box, we have a feeling that yours does too! We all know Louisiana is the best state, but heading into summer time, we not only want to show our love for Louisiana, but our patriotism for the whole US of A.

May Lagniappe Box

With Memorial Day in late May and Fourth of July, summer time is full of stars and stripes and red, white and blue -- any way we can show our love for America!

We wanted to make sure you could show your patriotism and state pride with our May Lagniappe Box and enjoy your locally-made products all summer long.

To kick off our summer, we've created our new Louisiana tee showcasing our state motto -- "Union Justice Confidence." This motto appears on our state flag, which is also blue like your tee. The blue color signifies both truth and hope, and how Louisiana is true to American ideals. ^ shirt will be available Tuesday, May 9th! 

Whether you're headed to Bayou Country Superfest Memorial Day weekend, or celebrating Fourth of July in your hometown, you can take your new tee along on all your patriotic adventures across the state.

To throw some additional patriotic vibes into your look, we've included glitter star earrings by JOcustomdesigns. These little studs are perfect for Fourth of July, Memorial Day or any military homecoming! They're handmade in Lake Charles!

Jo Designs in Lake Charles

You'll also find a Navy Mom Candle by Riley's Room Candles. This navy candle is popular among families of the Navy to send prayers and well wishes to our sailors. Now, when you light your candle, you'll be able to remember and think of all those who have served for our country.

(Prayer) May the Lord shine His love on our Navy Sons and Daughters and bless them and guide them each day and may the Lord bless each of us as we burn this candle in our home and in our hearts. If we can entrust them to the One who created them, we can be at peace because we know that He loves each of those Sailors, and we know how much we love and miss them. - Author Unknown

Riley's Room Candles

Next up, it's not a Southern patriotic holiday without a cobbler! This Louisiana Fish Fry is made in just minutes. You can add your choice of fresh or canned fruit to the cobbler mix -- and it goes GREAT with a scoop of vanilla ice cream. Serve this up at your Fourth of July party to please a hungry Southern crowd.

Louisiana Fish Fry Cobbler Mix

Finally, chances are you'll be outside a lot Memorial Day weekend and Fourth of July, so we wanted to help you feel refreshed after long days at the lake or after nights spent at firework shows. Phresh (based out of Prairieville) has the perfect Oatmeal Milk & Honey Body Butter to do just that!

Phresh Body Lotion

We hope you enjoy your patriotic box! Don't forget to tag us in your photos and videos with #LagniappeBox for your chance to win a FREE box!


May Lagniappe Box:

Union. Justice. Confidence (retail $28) · SFT ·

Patriotic Glitter Star Earrings ($8.50) · JOcustomdesigns ·

Navy Mom Candle ($12) · Rileys Rooms Candle ·

LOUISIANA Cobbler Mix ($1.84) · Louisiana Fish Fry ·

Oatmeal Milk & Honey – Body Butter ($12) · Phresh ·