7-Day Challenge with Body Sculpt Barre Studio

7-Day Challenge with Body Sculpt Barre Studio


We all have 10 minutes!! Saying yes to a 10-minute workout because they are practical for a busy lifestyle and helps remove the intimidating mental block and easy to say yes too!!

Say yes today to 10 minutes no matter how busy you are!! You won’t regret it, you will feel accomplished and motivated!! See what owner Meredith has to say in the Business Report about why self-care is so important and how she starts her day! 

Body Sculpt Barre Studio guest hosted 3, 10-minute workouts inside the Don’t Stop Just Geaux Facebook Group during our 7-day Challenge and you can still do them!! Don’t miss it! Spread the word, tell your friends, join the Don’t Stop Just Geaux community right here! 

1/7  of the 7-day challenge 

Let’s welcome Shelly with Body Sculpt Barre Studio to the first-day kick-off of our 7-day challenge! Enjoy this 10-Minute workout, you can do these workouts wherever you are! All you need is a dish towel!


2/7  of the 7-day challenge 

Get ready to fill the burn today! You may just find that we lost count on the first part of our curtsey lunges, feel free to follow along, it won’t hurt you, it’s what we like to call “Lagniappe.”  

You should feel the heartbeat climb up as you flow through the curtsey lunges, while it slows down some while focusing on balance, working your glutes, and crunching your abs, last part, time to get your heart rate back up with the skater hops, similar to the curtsey lunge but you’re adding the hop there in the middle! Before and after is our plank holds where you get an all-over total body! 

Few things to keep in mind with a plank, keep your full body aligned to the ground by pressing your belly in, tilting your hips forward, squeezing your glutes, and rounding your shoulders, don’t allow the butt to lift!  

Enjoy and don’t forget as you Don’t Stop Just Geaux, add us to your hashtags after your workouts, #dontstopjustgeaux


3/7  of the 7-day challenge 

Join in on the fun with some barre work, if you don’t have a barre, grab the side of your bar in the kitchen, back of the couch, or use a chair. 

Don’t have a light band, no problem — workout today without one and come back again when you have one! Share your workouts with us, give us a shout #dontstopjustgeaux

Thanks again to Shelly guest hosting with us this week with Body Sculpt Barre Studio!


4/7  of the 7-day challenge 

Let’s see you move today — keep it up and keep sharing! 

I found this amazing quote and wanted to share, 10-minute workouts do matter and they can be challenging at times, these workouts are here to kickstart your fitness journey, to be a lagniappe to others for that additional burn. 

We all live in a busy day to day lives that it can become a challenge to fit in 10-minutes for yourself and we are changing that with our Don’t Stop Just Geaux workouts! So push that coffee table out of the way and – J U S T G E A U X 

“Strength does not come from winning. Your struggles develop your strengths. When you go through hardships and decide not to surrender, that is strength.” Arnold Schwarzenegger

5/7  of the 7-day challenge 

Did you know that self-care isn’t selfish in fact it’s the opposite! Take our workouts and give yourself 10 minutes each day to your daily routine giving yourself time for just you, no one else!! 

Enjoy our guest host, Body Sculpt Barre Studio at the barre in your kitchen or by using a chair! Share your workouts with us tag us, add photos to the group, use #dontstopjustgeaux


6/7  of the 7-day challenge 

10-Minute workouts can be no joke and this one today will push you to just geaux! Oh did I mention, Bayou was joining in on the fun too! A lot of cardio, some arm and core building, and little legs in the mix as well! First-round is 5 minutes, so just repeat it for your 10-Minute Workout!


7/7  of the 7-day challenge 

Join in for a full hour workout with Body Sculpt Barre Studio from our live Don’t Stop Just Geaux fall community workout live!