Best Baton Rouge King Cakes

Best Baton Rouge King Cakes

Best Baton Rouge King Cakes

When it comes to King Cake, there are so many different variations depending on who makes it. We decided to ask our staff what their favorite King Cakes are in Baton Rouge so you know where to go when you’re looking for your first (or next) King Cake of the season! What’s even better, they’re all Louisiana businesses, so you know they’re going to be worth it. Here are our top five choices in no particular order.

First off, Bistro Byronz offers a King Cake Bread Pudding! Obviously, it’s not an actual King Cake, but we feel it’s the best of both worlds combining the taste and look of a King Cake with bread pudding. How delicious does that sound?? They offer pick up and delivery, so don’t be afraid to try something new and different this year!

Next, we have Calandro’s Supermarket. With over 50 flavors, it’s no wonder that everyone knows about Calandro’s King Cakes. They even have their own King Cake menu with the typical King Cake flavors, plus their own flavors (some that even include alcohol in them). They say that each year, they are breaking the mold and setting new trends with the gourmet flavors they create each year. Their website says they are usually slammed packed with orders, so they recommend you call ahead and make a request for what kind of King Cake you want.

The Ambrosia Bakery, already pretty high on people’s list in terms of baked goods, has their own specialty King Cake that they are known for: The Zulu King Cake. The Zulu Krewe approached the bakery because they wanted a signature King Cake that represented the Zulu Mardi Gras tradition. (Fun fact - Louis Armstrong was King of Zulu in 1949!) It’s filled with coconut and cream cheese and topped with chocolate. These cakes are even featured in French children’s textbooks to depict Mardi Gras customs in Louisiana. They also offer King Cake-flavored cakes and cookies, and offer shipping and pick up for their goods.

A place you can get King Cakes year round is at Rouses Markets. They pridefully state that last year alone, Rouses sold nearly 500,000 cakes during a two-month period. They have traditional flavors, and a brand-new cake that is made with brioche dough and no cinnamon. They have been working on and perfecting their recipe for nearly 60 years now, and their hard work shows through the amount of buzz their cakes receive. They deliver their cakes all over the country, which is perfect for those who moved out of state and miss having their yearly King Cake!

Already known for their variety of pastries, Les Amis Bake Shoppe is a favorite when it comes to their King Cakes, as well! They mixed it up a bit and also created a King Cake cheesecake and King Cake macarons. You can even find their cakes in a variety of other local stores around town, like City Roots.

Lastly, we have CounterSpaceBR! They have both traditional-style King Cakes (mini and regular size) and King Cake PopTarts that come in a pack of six. They have a preorder system so you can make sure you can actually get a cake or PopTart. They do both store pickup and shipping, and can even vegan-ize your King Cake. If you’re looking for a more traditional King Cake, then CounterSpaceBR is the perfect place to get one at.

Of course, there are many other places that you can buy King Cakes at in town, these were just the choices our staff picked! If your favorite place didn’t make it to this list, we’d definitely like to know where you buy your cakes at! Feel free to send us a DM on social media or email us, because we love hearing from y’all and love trying new things!