The dream of owning a print shop has simmered in my heart since 2018. However back then, our business wasn't quite ready for such a leap. In place, we began working with a local company after a successful wholesale market show in 2015, so we could better streamline printing for our growing business, and started a great local alignment operation that felt like the next step before we could ever take on such a project printing for ourselves. 

Over the past nine years, our partnership with Monogramming Unlimited has been nothing short of incredible. Together, we've printed some amazing designs, including the iconic Cajun Navy and Geauxmaha t-shirts, plus our regulars printed & restocked every week. It's been a great journey of growth for both businesses, and having our printing processes continue to evolve.

While this relationship has been invaluable, we've also developed a strong desire to expand our capabilities more internally to reach our customers even further to meet their needs. We're eager to take the next step and explore the world of in-house printing with our brand new business Petey’s Press. Even with our new printing business, our relationship will remain the same with Monogramming Unlimited and processes with them!

This new business is a natural progression for our brand as we strive to learn and gain more hands-on experience through the printing process. We hope this opens doors to new possibilities for both you and I.

We have been printing for other businesses too over the years and enjoy helping local businesses source their products, do their graphic design, and put the Sweet Baton Rouge® splash on the shirts, like we have done for The Flower Fest, Fork Cancer, Studvyville, Origin Hotel, Ugly Mug Marketing, Influential Business Women’s Network, Night Market BTR, and more! If you or someone is interested in Petey's Press Screen Printing, we'd love to talk. Click Here to learn more and inquire about screen printing.

Last year was a whirlwind for Sweet Baton Rouge®! From searching for a new storefront location to even considering going online-only. Thankfully, fate intervened! We found our dream spot at Perkins Rowe, and suddenly, the future looked bright.

But even as we secured our new home, another exciting opportunity arose…the chance to acquire a printing press presented itself.  While the timing initially felt off, the dream persisted! After all, 64% of entrepreneurs crave the thrill of learning something new!

Enter Lauren, one of our talented graphic designers who joined Sweet Baton Rouge® in 2023. Lauren's passion for learning the printing trade perfectly aligned with this new possibility. At Sweet Baton Rouge®, we hope to always strive for employee growth, and Lauren's eagerness was contagious. It felt like everything was falling into place!

Fast forward to March 2024, Petey's Press became a reality!  While Lauren admits "muscle memory is still kicking in" and there's a learning curve to optimize our processes, we're brimming with excitement.  We're committed to this journey with all its ups and downs (just like Sweet Baton Rouge® has had for almost 14-years in!).

The best part? We'll continue our valued partnership with Monogramming Unlimited. We invite you to join us on this adventure! We're sure there will be plenty of learning experiences along the way.

We knew Petey, named after LSU's iconic 'Pistol Pete,' deserved a place in the new business name. And for the printing aspect, 'press' just felt right. Interestingly, fate had another surprise in store. After finalizing our new paperwork, we discovered that Pete Maravich's middle name is Press! Talk about serendipity! It solidified our belief that Petey's Press was truly meant to be!

xoxo- Meredith + SBR Team!