Sweet Baton Rouge® Branding

Sweet Baton Rouge® has some exciting new developments with our new branding elements. We recently partnered with X Design to assist us in bringing our brand vision to life, and with our 13th year in business approaching, they helped us creating a legacy look that will live on through our customers' wardrobes. ⁣⁣⁣
Pelicans have always been a big part of the brand, and we are excited to introduce a new, authentic look of Petey the Pelican and Sweet Baton Rouge® that matches our brands personality. We have evolved so much in the thirteen years in business that it's been quite the journey and excitement to get here. We went to X Design to take our current Sweet Baton Rouge® branding to the future. The whole process was so fun from brainstorming to the presentations. X Design listening contently to what our vision was, and hopes out of this rebrand. 

We could see the design behind our Sweet Baton Rouge® travel t-shirt being the new anchor of our vision. We looked at several brands we loved and they all had a common denominator which was the branding was classic, legacy, and authentic. Once we had our vision and concepts the team at X Design went straight to work and provided several options to choose from. They took our older branded files and gave it new direction, which looked amazing but still not what we wanted for this project. We fell in love with vision 2 and vision 3 and made complimentary notes on how we could see these adjustments come together. From there, we created our new branding that matches our personalities with so many options to play with. 

Stay tuned for more updates on this exciting new direction for Sweet Baton Rouge®!