4 Ways to Transition Your Tees Into Fall

4 Ways To Transition Your Tees Into Fall

Fall Transition tips for Southern Style by shopSFT

Here in Louisiana we’re starting to experience little touches of fall here and there. Leaves are beginning to change colors, the nights are a getting bit cooler and we’re experiencing way less mosquitos. All in all, we’d consider that a start in the right direction!
Although it’s just a start and the temperatures can stay in the 80s through October, we’re itching to add a little fall to our outfits -- besides the Pumpkin Spice Lattes in our hands!
Here at SFT we’re firm believers in the power of the T-shirt as a wardrobe staple. And we’re not talking about just for the summer months and lounging around, but even through fall and winter for everyday life and wear.
With these simple additions to your tee and jeans, you can make your look fall ready and still beat the Southern heat!

Fall Transition tips for Southern Style by shopSFT
1- Layer with a denim jacket or vest
Light layers are the key in Louisiana. There’s a happy balance somewhere between feeling oh so fall in your jacket and sweating your butt off. We suggest a light denim jacket or sleeveless vest to layer on top of your T-shirt.

Fall Transition tips for Southern Style by shopSFT

 2- Accessorize with scarves and floppy hats

The good thing about scarves and floppy hats is that they’re simple to throw on, and they can completely transform your look. Even layering with a scarf over a short sleeves shirt or pairing it with a felt floppy hat gives you that fall vibe without cranking up the heat.
Fall Transition T-Shirt Tips for layering by shopSFT

 3- Add flannel

Plaid and flannel are HUGE this fall. And really, what says fall more than sippin’ coffee in your flannel while enjoying the cooler weather? It even makes us want to be a bit more outdoorsy! (And by outdoorsy, we mean sitting on patios!)
To complete your look, wear an unbuttoned flannel shirt over a graphic T-shirt with a pair of jeans. Or if you’re feeling extra ‘90s, tie it around your waist!
Fall Tips on how to transistion with your t-shirt colleciton by shopSFT

 4- Go the longsleeve route

Who said basic was a bad thing? Some days you just want to be simple and comfortable. For that, we’re releasing several longsleeve versions of our favorite SFT tees at the end of October -- including our popular Sweet & Southern and Magnolias & Moonshine tees! (Click Here and we’ll remind you when they launch!) Did we mention how cozy and soft they are? All sizes are unisex for a longer, slimmer fit. 

Fall Transition Tips to layer your t-shirt collection by shopSFT

As you can see keeping your favorite SFT tee on full rotation throughout the fall and winter is no problem at all! Add light layers, accessorize with scarves, add a bit of flannel or go the longsleeve route for a perfect comfortable fall look!
That’s easy southern style.everyday life!