April Lagniappe Box 2018

We wanted to pack your April Box bright, cheerful, and full of sunshine! This spring has been gorgeous with colorful Azaleas blooming all over Louisiana. We created a brand new t-shirt to celebrate early spring in Louisiana. We also sought out some fantastic local Louisiana businesses to sprinkle their own springtime flair in the box. There’s something for everyone in this box. 

Lagniappe: Louisiana Azaleas Tee:
SFT shopSFT.com
Retail: $28
Vibrant azaleas blooming and blowing in the wind are the epitome of spring here in the south. We have been so delighted by the early, colorful blooms this year, that we never want them to go away! What better way to enjoy those gorgeous blooms all year long than on a super soft SFT shirt. Let’s just say we added a little lagniappe to the shirt and hope it brings you the joy of springtime every time you wear it. 

Louisiana Sunshine Aromatherapy Mist

Positive Vibes Smellys;  https://www.etsy.com/shop/PositiveVibesSmellys

Retail: $14

A mist of Louisiana Sunshine Aromatherapy Mist and you’ll grab your sunnies, a cold glass of something sweet and head outside this spring!  If the perfect sweet sunny Louisiana day was bottled up - this mist would be it. French lavender essential oil balances a bright custom blend of citrus oils. The aroma of vanilla, like a sweet French Cajun pastry, and notes of jasmine add the perfect delicate floral like the best plantation gardens. For an uplifting aromatherapy experience- spray into palms and cup hands over nose for a few seconds.

Baby Girl Pink Nail Polish

J Reine Cosmetics; https://www.etsy.com/shop/JReineCosmetics

Retail: $6

We are very excited to offer you luxury cruelty free, vegan nail polish locally made. We went with Baby Girl because it’s as soft as it sounds with a blend of creamy white with just enough pink making it a beautiful and soft color.

Hand Drawn Magnolia Leaf Print

Line Ave Calligraphy; https://www.etsy.com/shop/LineAveCalligraphy

Retail: $10

This Louisiana magnolia leaf print was illustrated by hand and printed to add a pop of Louisiana heritage to any space. Lauren is from Shreveport, Louisiana hince her business name. “Line Avenue” is a popular street in Shreveport. She wanted something that represented Louisiana and would be instantly recognizable, but not seasonal and with a neutral color scheme, so it could stay out all year and fit into anyone's décor and this is what she came up with.  We instantly fell in love with this print and knew our subscribers would too! Magnolia’s in the springtime are just gorgeous and now you get to have a piece of that wherever you are!

Swamp Pop Satsuma Fizz

Swamp Pop; http://drinkswamppop.com/flavors/satsuma/

Retail: $2

Swamp Pop Satsuma Fizz captures the experience of this popular Louisiana citrus fruit & can be enjoyed all year round! Destined to be a Louisiana classic, Satsuma Fizz captures the sweet, aromatic essence of this beloved Louisiana citrus fruit in a refreshing soda that’s like no other! Enjoy your springtime with a bottle of Satsuma Fizz on your porch on swing this spring!