Fiesta Y'all May Lagniapep Box

Hola! Your May Box is full of local Mexican flavors from all over Louisiana. We wanted to pack your box full with your very own local Louisiana fiesta!! We created a brand new t-shirt that is gorgeous, fiesta-inspired, and ready for you to celebrate in style! We worked closely with our friends over at Cajun Crate to bring some of the best Louisiana food vendors for the perfect fiesta in a box. Senoritas we hope you enjoy this box as much as we did putting it together!

May Lagniappe Box

Tacos, Margaritas, Guacamole oh my y'all! We have been so inspired by our southern Mexican Louisiana cuisine that comes out of our state that we had to create a fun, festive, vibrant and colorful design. What better way to enjoy Cinco De Mayo this May in your new fiesta y'all tee.

Fiesta Y’all Tee by SFT $28

It's 5 o'clock somewhere. We found an easy and yummy local margarita mix. They are true Certified Cajuns and have a relentless passion to make all things taste great. We hope you think so too!

Big Mamou Margarita Mix

Big Mamou Margarita Mix Douget's Cajun Products $4.00

Happiness is chips and dip, Am I right y'all?? You can't just eat one.  The spicy cajun bean dip is an old family recipe. You will find it is rich, flavorful and perfect for dipping their chips. Hola Nola is known for their tortilla chips are hand-crafted and made fresh daily in Gonzales, Louisiana. They are sold all of our Louisiana, they match well with your dip! 

Spicy Cajun Bean Dip by Hola Nola Foods $4.00

Our friends at Cajun Crate highly recommend this sauce. Tara, the owner of Cajun Crate, says this about it, " I love tacos as much as I love Cajun food and this taco sauce hits the spot for both! I use it on tacos and so much more, oh I could really drink it out of the bottle it's that good."

Frog Bone Taco Sauce $6.00


You can't have a fiesta without yummy Sopapilla mix. This mix has a bonus feature to it -- you can also use this as a beignet mix. The mix makes a dough that is rolled flat, cut into your favorite shape and fried.  Enjoy!

Sopapilla Mix by Calhoun Bend Mill $4.99