March Lagniappe Box - Lucky Louisiana

SFT March  Lagniappe Box

This March we are seeing green, and lots of it! For this box we wanted to make sure you wouldn’t get pinched on St. Patrick’s Day while sharing some fun Louisiana finds. St. Patrick's Day is an annual feast day celebrating the patron saint globally. Here in Louisiana, most of us celebrate with green beer, parades with cabbage as throws and crawfish boils to wrap the celebration!


Lucky Louisiana Ringer Tee:


Retail: $30

Need a good luck charm? You’re in luck because inside your March Lagniappe Box you get dibs on our “Lucky Louisiana” St.Patrick’s Day tee! Our premium cotton ringer tee is just the right comfy-cute to wear not for a pinch-proof St. Patrick’s Day!

Eucalyptus Mint Spa Minerals

Aroma Blends,

Retail: $4.50

Staying with our green theme we found this wonderful company located in Gonzales, Louisiana, that makes spa mineral salts. We know how much you’ll need this after your St. Patrick’s day of fun! Enjoy these mineral rich salts  that contain a salt blend of Dead Sea Salt, Epsom Salt, Himalayan Pink, Pacific sea salt, French Grey, and Dendritic.  Enjoy the scent of Eucalyptus while you soak and feel like you just stepped into a spa!

Mexi-Cajun Beer Bread

Mexi- Cajun,

Retail: $3

Because you know in Louisiana we have to spice things up, we are bringing you Mexi-Cajun beer bread mix made in Alexandria, Louisiana - a fusion of traditional Mexican flavors and Cajun spices. Inside your box you’ll find Mexi-Cajun Beer Bread mix and you only need to add one thing, green beer! We hope you enjoy this new product. It’s authentic cajun certified and we think it will make a new tradition for your St. Patrick’s Day.



Baton Rouge Succulent Cactus & Airplant Co.

Retail: $4 and up

We wanted to give you a green thumb in this box: so we found a great local company in Baton Rouge to bring a fun little project to the box! You can’t get more green than a cacti and succulent. They like to soak up as much sun as possible and they like a little water but not too much. We hope you enjoy potting your little bit of green.

Elmer’s Green Onion Cheese Curls

Elmer's Fine Foods,

Retail, $3.00

We found the perfect light and crunchy snack for on the go snack while waiting to catch beads during this years St. Patrick’s Day parade. These New Orleans made Chee-Wees chips are baked and not fried like most cheese curls, so they contain 1/3 less fat. How can you argue with that?