Three Ways To Recycle Your Lagniappe Box

In celebration of Earth Day this Saturday, April 22, today we are sharing three ways to recycle your Lagniappe Box!

Our Lagniappe Box is a monthly subscription box that includes a brand new SFT t-shirt and locally-made Louisiana products. And we know you’re most excited about what’s IN the box, but turns out the boxes themselves can be quite handy!

They’re fairly flat and easy to stack. They’d fit perfectly in a cabinet or on the top shelf of your closet -- without taking up unnecessary space.

Pro tip: If you have multiple Lagniappe Boxes stacked in your closet or on a shelf, be sure to label them! Then you can easily grab what you need when the time comes.

So whether you need the extra storage or just need to clear off all that junk mail from your counter tops when friends come over, keep your Lagniappe Boxes on hand each month!

Three Ways To Recycle Your Lagniappe Box

1- Store Photos

We’re all guilty of saying we will one day scrapbook our last vacation or our kid’s third birthday party, but life happens and typically those things get pushed to the backburner. Keep all your photos organized by storing them in a Lagniappe Box. ONE day you will get around to finally scrapbooking all those memories and all your photos will be in one spot!

Organize important documents - Three Ways To Recycle Your Lagniappe Box

2- Organize important documents

We’re in the midst of tax season, and the Lagniappe Box has saved the day when it comes to storing invoices, receipts, and more. Store all your tax documents throughout the year, then you’ll have everything ready to go for the next tax season!


3- Store crafts

The Lagniappe Box makes the perfect storage for markers, crayons, colored pencils and whatever else you’ll need to entertain your kids. You can even fit paper in there! And the boxes are small enough that they’re easy to grab and go into the car for a long road trip.

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