2024 Influential BRBW Network Retreat

2024 Influential BRBW Network Retreat

Our goal with the Local Guide blog is to spotlight our city, Baton Rouge, Louisiana and the locals who love it!  In today's blog, we are sharing about this amazing local Baton Rouge women's retreat we think you need to know all about. You will find guests traveling from Minden to Alexandria, Louisiana to share their knowledge with you, while all others are business owners right here in Baton Rouge. Local plug, our very owner Meredith Waguespack, founder of Sweet Baton Rouge® will be speaking about Email Marketing to Branding, which if you follow her personally, you will see how much she loves the topic business to marketing and sharing that with other local businesses.

Happy to share and introduce you guys to The Influential Baton Rouge Business Women’s Network, founded by Leigh Moss. The mission is to provide a platform to inspire and empower local female business owners through community of other women, events like retreat, and support that is important to achieve continued business growth and success year over year. This year's Influential BRBW Retreat is geared to other like minded in the small to large business space from managers, employees, and owners in and around the Baton Rouge area to receive tangible business resources and networking opportunities with other incredible business owners. Let’s look at the Influential BRBW Retreat agenda and how you can sign up! 

BRBW Retreat Details
March 8th, 2024 7am - 5pm CST
16265 Highland Road Baton Rouge, LA 70810
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Breakfast Breakout Session with Amanda Schonberg 

Amanda Schonberg is dedicated to helping you generate more sales, stand out in your community, and to grow your baking business with confidence through our website Baking For Business. You will learn some of her tips and tricks on how she digital programs that will convert to sales. She knows what it takes to make your business succeed.

Breakfast Breakout Session with Melody Robinson

Melody specializes in content and personal brand development. She will be sharing how she built her following on social media @justmelody and monetized it with brand deals and affiliate marketing.

How I Built this Podcast with Caroline Merryman, Caroline’s Cookies 

Have you been wondering how a 22 year old has created a massive following around her incredible cookies Carolines Cookies and turned them into a multi-million dollar business? Check out this video about Caroline sharing her passion for running and some fun throwbacks to her childhood baking and get ready to hear her story live before anyone else does during the recording on The Punch Bowl Diaries during the Influential BRBW Retreat, March 8th. 

Keynote Speaker with Melissa Thompson, Business Consultant with Success Labs
Melissa is an outstanding business consultant specializing in communication with Success Labs. She is speaking this year on how to communicate business etiquette expectations to Gen Z employees. Be sure to have your pen and paper ready because she brings so much to the table on effective ways to communicate. Melissa can give you the tools & insights you need to grow as people and leaders — while adding value and driving results. Melissa also served as an organizer of the 2023 Inaugural TEDxBatonRouge event.

Keynote Speaker with Wayne Mullins, Author of the book Full Circle Marketing 

Wayne Mullins is a passionate entrepreneur committed to creating remarkable experiences, and building a team at Ugly Mug Marketing that produces extraordinary results for their clients. He helps you embrace challenges as opportunities for growth through his book Full Circle Marketing. Each problem is a potential stepping stone to success. Learn, adapt, and extract valuable insights. Your ability to overcome challenges distinguishes you and propels your business forward. Feeling stuck isn’t failure; it’s a signal to learn and grow. Learn how to turn your customers into raving fans and simple down to earth marketing from Wayne!

Keynote Speaker with Sarah McDaniel, Simply Southern Cottage

Sarah with Simple Southern Cottage is a highly published and accomplished real estate investor specializing in rehabilitation of historic homes and currently has an episode; Minden's Mystery Yellow House airing on the Magnolia Network showcasing her most recent renovation she restored in Minden, Louisiana. Sara also has an online subscription based community called; The Sisterhood, has Simply Southern Cotton Rugs partnered with Orion, and hosts a women’s retreat called; Pink Creatives, in April of 2024 with a stay at The Frenchie in Round Top. She has an incredible story of how she reclaimed and restored her life and home, what began it all for Sarah and you will be left feeling so inspired.

Live Coaching Session with Dan Zimanski, Business Coach with Action Coaching

Dan will sit on a panel discussion along with April Hill of Yoga Studio 90 and Angela Poirrier of Acadian House that is going to be incredible! Dan is a wildly successful business coach specializing in growth strategy and increasing profitability. He focuses on asking key questions to understand how individuals, departments and organizations are currently thinking as this drives the actions and results that are being produced.

Keynote Speaker with Dr. Andy Yarborough, Owner of My Well Clinic

Dr. Andy Yarborough carries a strong passion to care for the whole person. As a licensed clinical psychologist at My Well Clinic, he has devoted his life to guide people into hope, wellness, and life and will be incredible as he shares his tips on prioritizing your mental health to prevent burnout for business owners. 

Keynote Speaker with Meredith Waguespack, Sweet Baton Rouge®

Meredith has owned and ran her business for 13 years, Sweet Baton Rouge® from the ground up, with a $500 startup. She has a degree in Marketing after pursuing her dream to be a college graduate at age 27 after two failed attempts. She is sharing about consistency in marketing through using email marketing, blogging, and branding. Her goal is to bring real-life work experience to the table.

Keynote Speaker with Attorney Johanna Landreneau, Landreneau & Associates

Johanna was a breakout star at last year's retreat. She’s coming back this year for another fabulous session focusing on small business legalities around human resources. Johanna has an expansive knowledge and expertise in this field of law and her speciality has been the small business community. 

Keynote Speaker with Dr. Steve Sherman, Sherman and Balhoff Orthodontics 

Dr Sherman is one of the top orthodontics in the Baton Rouge area and is widely known for its exceptional customer service and client retention to referral rates. He is coming to speak about the power of highly curated client experience and how he has used that practice to grow year over year! You can see just on their website their customer experience that every smile tells a story! 

Keynote Speaker with Ben Wheeler Northwestern Mutual and Brenda Catalanatto, CPA Tax Strategy and Investment Strategy as it Relates to Small Businesses.

Ben is a highly respected financial advisor in our community with over 20 years experience operating a large portfolio through Wheeler Wealth Management in partnership with Northwest Mutual. He will be speaking on the power of having a strong financial advisor and CPA on your team to advise on optimal investment potential  for your business to ensure long term stability.