Back To School Drive

Back To School Drive

Help us give back with our Back To School drive! We are asking for school supplies to be donated to our store and in return, we will give you Petey Bucks [each buck has a $5 value], that can be used towards your future purchase inside Sweet Baton Rouge. All school supplies will be donated to 

Thrive Academy.

Who is Thrive Academy?⁣
Thrive Academy is a state-sponsored school for students who want the experience of living on a campus. Our students reside in dorms during the week, giving them a chance to focus on academics and to learn skills they’ll rely on to navigate life after graduating. We guide them Monday through Friday; they go home on the weekends. There is no cost to attend Thrive Academy. @thrivebr_ #localssupportinglocals⁣

Here's what Thrive Academy is needed. ⁣

School Bags⁣⁣
Graph Paper⁣⁣
Index Cards⁣⁣
#2 pencils⁣⁣
Colored Pencils⁣⁣
Pens: Red, Blue, or Black⁣⁣
Anchor Chart Paper⁣⁣
Sticky Notes⁣⁣
USB Drives⁣⁣
Graphing Calculators⁣⁣
Your donations impacts the residential life of the Thrive Academy students that live on campus. ⁣⁣