Sweet Baton Rouge Date Night Roundup with Blake Guichet

Sweet Baton Rouge Date Night Roundup with Blake Guichet

Every year at Christmas, my husband and I have the same conversation. What do you want for Christmas? I don’t know, what do you want? I don’t know either, but let’s not spend a ton of money. And inevitably, we always come to the same decision - a Christmas date night. Rather than buying small things that we’re not even completely sure the other is going to like, we get a little dolled up and go out for a fancy night in Sweet Baton Rouge. And let me just tell you, it’s one of my favorite things we do all year. Life is extra crazy around the holidays, y’all. I know you know it. Especially with two small kids, a couple of jobs, and a million families thrown in the mix. I’ve grown to really covet this carved out time every Christmas season, where I know the love of my life and I are going to be able to sit across the table from one another and let all the madness fade out, just for a few hours.

Another thing we like to do (we do this year round) is hit one restaurant for dinner, and then another for dessert. It may sound a little crazy, but we’re kind of dessert snobs - aka sugar fiends - so we can be a little picky about the dessert situation. And look, sometimes a piece of frozen pie just isn’t going to cut it for these sweet tooths. So, just in case the idea of skipping the trinkets and using Christmas as one more excuse for a date night appeals to you, I thought I’d round up some of our most favorite Christmas date night spots we’ve hit over the years, and share them with you so you can enjoy a night out with your boo. And as an added bonus, I’ve also given you our favorite dessert spots to hit along the way - so be sure to save room (just kidding, we never save room. We just end up miserable. It’s Christmas!) Just to be clear: these are not our “usual” date night spots, we’re not quite that fancy. These are our once-a-year, splurge on time together rather than stuff spots.

All of these places really put on the Christmas ritz, if you know what I mean. Whether it’s a gorgeous fireplace or twinkle lights strung through the restaurant, they each just make you feel a little bit more in love (if that’s even possible).

Ruffinos - Okay, is it just me, or am I the the only one who didn’t know Ruffino’s has incredible steaks? I always thought it was an exclusively italian restaurant. Come for the bread, stay for the cotton candy.

Monjunis - Fun fact, my husband tried to take me to the Highland location for our first date, not knowing it had closed down. While we’re talking about my husband, he may fight you if you try to tell him there’s better Italian food anywhere in the tri-state area.

Flemings - I’ll be honest, this is my husband and I’s #1 choice most years. Between the service and the atmosphere and the amazing food, we just keep circling around to Flemings. This one is also on the dessert stop list!

Galatoire’s - It’s New Orleans come to Baton Rouge! Get a little taste of the city without the hour drive and the terrible parking situation (and be sure to get the turtle soup).

Nino’s - Possibly the smallest restaurant I’ve ever been in, be sure to make a reservation before you head this way. But y’all - it’s worth it. Don’t tell my husband, but they have some menu items I like better than Monjunis.

Dessert Stops:

Louisiana Lagniappe - Pizookies may be one of my love languages, and here they bake them immediately before they send them out. Excuse me, my mouth is watering.

Flemings - We have a repeat offender, that’s how much we love this place. But the chocolate lava cake is worth driving from one restaurant to another. I pinky promise.

Sammy’s - White Chocolate Blueberry Bread Pudding. While Sammy’s isn’t quite the ambiance we’ve gone for on this list, those four words qualify it with no contest.

Rock n Pops - If you’re looking for something a little more low-key, we love to run to Rock N Pops after our date nights. Added bonus, it’s completely understandable for you to each get your own!

And that’s the round up! I hope you take some time to be intentional with your loved one, without distractions (aka kids) during this season, and that you have the most wonderful, peace full end to 2017. Merry Christmas, y’all!