Creating the "She is Fierce" Gameday Collection

Creating the "She is Fierce" Gameday Collection

When it comes to designing a themed collection, the process can be both thrilling and challenging. The story behind our "She is Fierce" gameday collection is one of creativity, teamwork, and a passion for delivering the best to our customers. In this blog post, we'll take you back to the beginning when three designers - Aline Prints + Design, Lauren Leopold and Megan Nola - started working on the collection you see now.


The idea of the "She is Fierce" collection was born out of a shared vision to create something truly special. Working virtually, each of the designers was assigned specific graphic tasks, and their collective efforts soon began to take shape as a collaborative masterpiece. We wanted these new designs to reflect the spirit of determination and strength that embodies every gameday experience.


Each designer usually starts with a few different directions for a design and submits a few quick sketches or mock-up ideas to Meredith so she can visualize each piece together in the collection. Then after a few revisions, the designers will send their final files over for Meredith to pick out t-shirt styles, colors, and ink!

At Sweet Baton Rouge®, our mission has always been to bring the spirit of Louisiana to life through our locally designed and printed t-shirts. The process of creating a collection is a collaborative and exciting endeavor, where we draw inspiration from the unique love of our beloved state and wears for gameday essentials. 

The management side of the design process is spearheaded by Meredith, founder of Sweet Baton Rouge® with planning and organization. She is the driving force behind Sweet Baton Rouge®, and her team brainstorms and lists down prospective concepts for each season throughout the entire year. The goal is to ensure that our designs resonate with our customers and embody the spirit of Louisiana in the best possible way.

As the season approaches, the focus narrows down to a particular theme, such as our beloved gameday. This is where the magic truly begins. Meredith starts to task out the designs to our talented design team, each with their unique touch and flair. For the "She Is Fierce" collection, we wanted to capture the electrifying energy of gamedays while empowering our customers with a sense of strength and determination. 

"She Is Fierce," initially started as just another concept in the planning phase. However, when the final design was completed, it was clear that this was the front runner and the perfect embodiment of the collection's essence.


One of the standout pieces of the collection is the stadium burst featured on the “Saturdays in Baton Rouge” design. The intention behind this design was to capture the electrifying atmosphere of the stadium, infusing it with vibrant colors and energy. Another fan-favorite is anything “Louisiana Saturday Night” themed. These designs have always been a customer favorite, so we decided to give it a fresh twist, adding movement and connecting it to the empowering "She is Fierce" theme.

When you purchase a Sweet Baton Rouge® t-shirt, you are not only wearing a piece of Louisiana pride but also supporting a multitude of talented individuals who made it all possible. From concept planning to design execution, every step is infused with love and passion for what we do.

Among the highlights of our collection are the polo shirts, an exciting addition to our offerings. We were thrilled to cater to our customers' better halves by introducing the Petey polo. These polos have been in the works for quite some time, and we were determined to find the perfect representation of our brand. Our new Petey Polo's will come in three colors: grey, white, and purple.

After finalizing designs, colors and quantities, it’s time for a photoshoot! 

For our outdoor content shoot, we were ecstatic to collaborate with Uncle Earls, a local bar that perfectly complements the gameday spirit. Their space provided the ideal backdrop for our vibrant designs, and we were able to showcase our collection in a setting that resonates with our audience.

Moving indoors, we set the stage for our studio shots at Soel Studio, with the talented Kim Meadowlark behind the lens. Here, we had a blast using various props, including footballs and a vintage igloo ice chest, along with some classic gameday snacks. The idea was to create an atmosphere that exuded the excitement and camaraderie of game day.


Throughout the process, passion and dedication fueled our creativity. Each design, color, and element was thoughtfully crafted to bring the "She is Fierce" gameday collection to life. We wanted to create more than just clothing; we wanted to be a part of every gameday memory, and with this collection, we believe we've achieved just that!

As we continue to evolve and innovate, we are grateful for the support and enthusiasm of our customers. The "She is Fierce'' collection represents the spirit of unity, strength, and empowerment that makes gameday experiences unforgettable. We hope that wearing these designs brings out the fierce and confident side in everyone who wears them, uniting us all as one passionate community on gameday! 

Thank you for supporting us and being part of our Sweet Baton Rouge® family. Together, we will continue to create t-shirts that capture the heart and soul of Louisiana. Geaux Tigers! 🐯💜💛