Don’t Stop Just Geaux, Inner Thighs

Don’t Stop Just Geaux, Inner Thighs

This year is cruising, summer is literally at our fingertips. This month we have been focusing on our inner thighs! Thank you for all of your feedback from our Inner Thigh part 1 workout, this week we are adding on to our Inner Thigh workout with our part 2 series!

Our 10 minute workouts are series of movements you can do wherever you are! You can always challenge yourself if you need the extra push to add-on weights or bands at anytime, These workouts are basic exercises you can incorporate into your daily routine or other fitness routines! Think of it as a little fitness lagniappe!

I know how busy my schedule looks for the last few weeks of May, in fact I’m leaving for Disney in just a few days, so this second part I can do in the hotel room before or after being in the parks all day, plus the added benefit, the walking I will get! Really can’t wait, so I can enjoy a Mickey Mouse ice cream sandwich!

Inner Thigh – Part 2

1. Inner Thigh Bridge, working for one minute

2. Donkey Kicks, alternating each side for 30 seconds

3. Half Plank Leg Lifts, alternating each side for 30 seconds

4. Hydrants, alternating each side for 30 seconds

The first round should take you about 5 minutes, so the goal here is to repeat for a total of 10 minutes to get your fitness wherever you are!

Part 2 Routine

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June workouts will focus on our arms and abs, with a little bit of cardio.

July Challenge coming soon, it’s my Birthday Month,  I turn 40 this year so you can predict it’s going to be a lot of fun, with a little running involved! Stay tuned for that info! 

Community Events: Please share what style or kind of workouts you’d like us to create, or pair ourselves with! 



Fun & Easy Tips

I recently downloaded the book, Body Love and found the instagram page to @bewellbykelly, really fell in love with her food philosophy. She likes to focus how you eat and help regulate over 8 hunger related hormones in the body by balancing your blood sugar and keep you full for hours. ⁣Talk about balance! 


In case you missed our Inner Thigh Part 1

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