Louisiana 1812 Graphic Tee by SFT


It’s the middle of August here in South Louisiana, and I wouldn’t dare go outside to bear the heat right now - although my kids refuse to nap these days, so the hundred-degree heat index doesn’t seem as intimidating. Sitting comfortably in the air conditioning enjoying a sweet tea from my mason jar (with a handle of course because I’m #classy), I hear a school bus down the street making stops to return elementary children home. With a fresh year ahead, high schoolers are dreaming of the promise of freedom and the excitement that lies ahead. College students are perfecting their schedules, hoping to get into that waitlisted class or carve out enough time for an afternoon nap before work. Mothers welcome home their children and tackle those sometimes monotonous, usually challenging, but always rewarding tasks of motherhood. So with the leaf-changing season ahead, first time drivers, sorority sisters, and mamas alike begin scouting out the latest fall trends and prepare to break out her beloved fall wardrobe. Among the booties, denim cutoffs, and monogramed vests, you can bet that every Louisiana girl has plenty of PURPLE and GOLD ready for game day! 


The thought of LSU Game Day provokes plenty of excitement around here and brings back many great memories. Memories of scorching afternoons on the parade grounds with friends, joining the crowd at Walk Ons for a yummy bite, walking through the Student Union to cool off, patiently waiting my turn to enter Death Valley, and of course a celebratory night out to Tigerland (amiright?!). Even if only joining family and friends for a home viewing of the game, there is no better reason to get dressed up than to support your T-I-G-E-R-S! SFT is usually first string when it comes to my game day style. I actually throw on an SFT t-shirt almost every day… well who am I kidding? I probably wore my tee to bed the night before, so I may change into another classic SFT or keep rocking the same shirt for a couple of days (as long as the baby doesn’t spit up on it, OKAY). 


So here are a few reasons why you should rock SFT on game day in case you need any more convincing (because I’m sure the thought of me wearing the same shirt for days has you running to www.shopsft.com):



Let’s state the obvious here: Southern Football Tees makes... t-shirts! And T-SHIRTS ARE COMFY. These cotton blend shirts are top of the line. They are lightweight and so soft, so you’ll want to wear them all day and night ;). Whether you spend game day hauling a keg, your specialty appetizer, or your stubborn - I mean precious- child around, these shirts won’t get in the way. No falling straps or uncomfortable under garments to worry about here. It’s one of those tops you won’t regret wearing an hour into tailgating.


These tees highlight the history, culture, and pride of LSU Football and the state of Louisiana.  Although our opposing fans are probably tired of hearing “Tiger Bait”, we know they wish they were Callin Baton Rouge, and we aren’t afraid to rub it in! You can choose from some of my favorite designs like the licensed tiger (which just came back! Yay!), “Louisiana Saturday Night!”, Cajun Navy, or even the Tailgate Checklist tee so you don’t forget anything. There is a tee for everyone to show off your Tiger pride.


We’re talking about t-shirts here, and cute ones at that! Feel free to keep it simple and let your shirt do the talking, so you can save your voice for chanting “GEAUX TIGERS” at the game! When I’m more focused on getting the kids ready or coordinating game day plans than my #ootd, I’ll just sport jeans, white denim shorts, or even running shorts (you know you’ve done it!). When I have the time, I really enjoy styling my outfits for game day, and I appreciate the challenge of making a t-shirt feel fashion forward. I find that pairing a skirt to beat the heat or trendy flare crops creates a great foundation. Then I have fun adding statement accessories! I’m a sucker for adding cute earrings and a cool pair of shoes to my ensemble, which is super simple and will look put together– NO FAIL! No matter how you style your SFT game day apparel, you’ll feel and look great!


My husband wears SFT more than I do! He’s been stealing my shirts for years, but lucky for him, SFT just launched some seriously cool designs for men. Get the kids involved too with SFT’s BRAND NEW children’s options. Get game day tees for the whole family because we do live in the south, and everyone likes to coordinate the whole family (ooor is that just me?). Either way, nothing is cuter than a mini tiger fan in a “Sweet Baton Rouge” tee enjoying frozen lemonade on a Saturday night. 


Visit www.shopsft.com for your chance to score a discount on your choice of game day apparel or anything else super cute from the site! Good luck!


I hope this chat has you just as pumped up for football season as I am! TEN MORE DAYS! GEAUX TIGERS!



Kelsey Romano