Exploring Mid City Baton Rouge, LA

Exploring Mid City Baton Rouge, LA

Sweet Baton Rouge’s store is located in the Electric Depot shopping center on Government Street at 1509 Government Street, Building B, Sweet Baton Rouge (Suite D). We offer store pickup and local delivery, so stop by our flagship location or shop online! Follow this link for more detailed instructions on how to find our store.

For the holidays, our store hours are Monday through Saturday from 10AM to 5PM.

We are a woman-owned and run business, driven by our community and our interests. We make designs exclusive to Sweet Baton Rouge based on our community and interests that are locally printed and designed. Not only do we create and sell shirts related to LSU, but we also have Dolly Parton, Steel Magnolias, Southern University, and seasonal merchandise!

When it comes to other favorite locations in Mid City along Government Street, let’s talk about eating local in Baton Rouge!


Elsie’s Plate & Pie

This restaurant takes traditional Cajun cuisines and takes a modern twist on them. They are famous for their sweet and savory pies, with my personal favorites being their Louisiana Poulet Pot Pie and Triple Berry Hand Pie. They also have amazing appetizers, like their Boudin Cakes and Cajun Crawfish Queso that they serve with fried pork skins! They also offer a variety of other menu items, including soups (their Seafood Lafourche Bisque is heaven in a bowl), seafood platters, burgers, patty melts, and salads. You will never get tired of going to this place, so definitely check it out next time you are craving cajun!


Soji: Modern Asian

Asian food is probably one of my favorite cuisines, so Soji is top of my list. Along with Elsie’s, Soji takes traditional Asian food and serves it in a modern way that reflects their modern atmosphere. Their menu features appetizers (I have tried all of them and can confirm they are all amazing), fresh sushi (I find myself ordering the 225 Roll and Crunchy Roll), ramen, and many other dishes! If you need other suggestions, their Crispy Beef, Drunken Noodles, and General Soji Chicken are all safe bets. They also have a very extensive drink menu of beers, wines, spirits, and mixed drinks.

Rocca Pizzaria

If you are looking for pizzas you haven’t seen anywhere else, look no further than Rocca Pizzeria. Their menu features both red and white pies, with my personal favorites being their Iverstine and Smoked Brisket respectively. If you get an appetizer, I am obsessed with their Garlic Knots that come with whipped provolone. You will be dreaming about this! They also have salads, sandwiches, pasta, other plates, and deserts. I haven’t really branched out to anything else, but I’m sure everything is just as amazing as their pizzas! They also have a fairly large drink menu containing cocktails (Violet You’re Turning Violet and Rocca Spritz are my staples), wines, beers, and seltzers.

While there are so many more options, these are personally my top three. They are also local-owned businesses, just like Sweet Baton Rouge and other stores located in Electric Depot.

Next, let’s talk vintage and antique!

Located along Government Street are Circa 1857, The Pink Elephant Antiques, and Time Warp Boutique. These stores are also local-owned businesses, so if you are into antiques or vintage goods, look no further.

Circa 1857

Circa 1857, run and owned by Garrett Kemp, has been listed in Southern Living Mag as Baton Rouge’s premier antique store twice. You can shop in-store, or they offer delivery across the Southern U.S. This store offers antique furniture, nicknacks, glassware, lighting, and artwork. He also repairs and restores everything before he sells, so rest assured that whatever you buy will be like new!


The Pink Elephant Antiques 

This store is full of 25 different vendors. They offer a selection ranging from the Victorian Age to Mid Century. It is considered Baton Rouge’s Largest Antique Mall, and is run by the vendors that sell in the building. Once a month, they have Trunk Sales where other local vendors can come and sell their antiques. Like Circa 1857, this store offers furniture, glassware, artwork, lighting, nicknacks, along with clothing, shoes, and accessories.


Time Warp Boutique

This store is different in the sense that they exclusively sell vintage clothing, shoes, and accessories. They have their flagship store on Government, but you can also shop their selection on Ebay and Etsy. You can also do in-store pickup if you buy something off their Instagram.

Lastly, Government Street/Mid City offers a variety of coffee shops! City Roots happens to be located by us in Electric Depot. There is also French Truck Coffee and Simple Joe Cafe. All three are also locally-owned businesses, great places to get amazing coffee and atmosphere, and have plenty of seating to meet up with friends and family, or do homework.



We also have our own local Louisiana Goods in our store, whose products can be found here!


White Light Night is coming up, which all of these stores will be a part of. It will take place Friday, November 18, 6 to 10PM. White Light Night is Mid City’s largest art festival! It features local artists, makers, and more. During this festival, you can get a headstart on holiday shopping, eat good food, and enjoy live music. It is also a good way to explore and discover new stores you never knew of. Mid City Merchants Association President Justin Lemoine stated that it is also an opportunity to explore the unique character that Mid City has to offer since the state designated this area as an art and cultural district. Check out this link for more events coming up!