La La La, Laissez les Bon Temps Rouler: A Sweet Baton Rouge QTR 1 Recap!

La La La, Laissez les Bon Temps Rouler: A Sweet Baton Rouge QTR 1 Recap!

Thanks for being a part of the Sweet Baton Rouge fam!   Today's blog post is a little geaux-down on the first Quarter and what we like to mention about our Louisiana seasons – you know, the one filled with King Cake crumbs and crawfish boils? We'll be recapping all the fun launches, sweet community events, and dishing on what's next for Sweet Baton Rouge! 

January - 2024

This year's Mardi Gras was a whirlwind of purple, green, and gold, and we at Sweet Baton Rouge were right in the thick of it!  Let's take a stroll down memory lane of what  January looked like for us and reminisce about all the fun:

We Launched a Mardi Gras Collection You Adored!

You guys went wild for our Mardi Gras collection, especially the Mardi Gras Bead Tree – no surprise there!  It quickly became our top seller for the season (despite the short window!).  We also debuted 9 brand new designs, including the Mardi Gras Quarterly Lagniappe Box shirt featuring the Pelican Ladder and (complete with all the goodies!).  We also introduced our first-ever couples shirt set with the King and Queen of the Parade design. Talk about a power couple!

Popping Up All Over Town!

We kicked off the year at the Louisiana Marathon, one of our favorite events that bring so many people to Louisiana. We were also thrilled as the retail partner at the newly opened Origin Hotel, so now you can find your Sweet Baton Rouge fix any time in the downtown area.

To celebrate the short but oh-so-sweet Mardi Gras season, we held several t-shirt giveaways throughout January.  We also launched our brand new podcast/video series, Petey's Prattle, giving you a peek into the fun and fabulous world of the Sweet Baton Rouge team.

February - 2024

Hold onto your crawfish boilin' pots, y'all! February was a whirlwind and spicing things up at Sweet Baton Rouge®.  We barely had time to catch our breath after Mardi Gras before diving headfirst into crawfish season!

Fresh Designs for Flavorful Times:

We kicked off the season with a brand-new crawfish design, the "Stay Spicy" tee – perfect for showing off your love for this Louisiana delicacy.  We also dished up a few new Louisiana-inspired tees, like the "Mais Cher" and the "Louisiana Bayou".  For our Louisiana Swifties, we treated you to another round of our popular Eras Collection.  In total, February brought you four brand-new designs to celebrate everything Louisiana!

King Cake Dreams and Crawfish Wishes:

While we were busy designing tees, we were also secretly hoping for a drop in crawfish prices so everyone could experience the joy of a good old-fashioned crawfish boil.  Hey, a girl can dream (and wear a SBR crawfish t-shirt) while she waits!

Poppin' Up in Alexandria:

February wasn't just about design drops! We also hit the road for our second pop-up event of the year.  This time, we joined the folks at Ugly Mug in Alexandria as they celebrated their 15th anniversary – a true milestone! Got us thinking about what we should do in a year and a half when we hit the same milestone for Sweet Baton Rouge®. We were thrilled to be a part of the fun and showcase our new arrivals, especially the Louisiana Prep, Mais Cher, and Louisiana Bayou tees, which were a big hit with the crowd.  We love the chance to meet new people and connect with our regular customers in their hometowns – it's always a blessing!

Leaping into the Future:

Since 2024 was a leap year, we couldn't resist a little fun with a leap year sale.  It was also a great opportunity to take a look back at the evolving branding of Sweet Baton Rouge as we've grown over the years.

March 2024 - 

March was a jam-packed month at Sweet Baton Rouge, filled with girl boss inspiration, beachy dreams, and a touch of spring flair!

Meredith Takes the Stage!

Our very own Meredith had the honor of kicking off the month as the first speaker at the Influential Baton Rouge Business Women's Retreat.  She shared her passion and expertise on the power of email marketing.  We put a lot of love into the newsletters we send you, and Meredith loved the opportunity to show how email marketing can be a game-changer!

The retreat was bursting with amazing women like Amanda Schonberg, Caroline Merryman (of Caroline's Cookies fame!), Wayne Mullins (author of "Full Circle Marketing"), Sarah McDaniel (Simply Southern Cottage), and many more.  It was an inspiring event, and we're already counting down to the next one!

Beach Please! Introducing the Beach Collective

March also saw the much-anticipated launch of our Beach Collective collection!  We teased, printed, photographed, and finally unveiled four brand new designs that scream "beach vacation."   

Spring Fling and New Designs

Spring officially sprung in March, we ended March with Meredith speaking and participating in the Women in Agriculture Conference in Alexandria, she came back with Easter celebrations and school breaks keeping us busy.  Behind the scenes, our design team wasn't resting!  They were hard at work crafting two new designs that debuted at this past weekend's Flower Fest.

First quarter of the year may be over, but the fun is just getting started at Sweet Baton Rouge!  We've got some exciting things in the pipeline. The design team is working on gameday inspiration, and maybe even a few surprises up our sleeves you may read about next recap.  We're feeling more inspired than ever.  Thank you for always being on this journey of fun with us! If you have a special moment from this past quarter, feel free to share it our way! Love to hear from you!