Best Local King Cakes in Baton Rouge

Where to Buy Local King Cakes in Baton Rouge

It’s January, and we all know what that means–King Cake Season! After all, there is no great party without a great cake! As we kick off our favorite time of the year, you will find the Sweet Baton Rouge Insiders stuffing our faces nearly every day with our favorite local King Cakes in Baton Rouge and Louisiana.

As we celebrate Mardi Gras at home this year, I thought it would be nice to give attention to the meaning behind our most delicious traditions. So in addition to our Insiders’ insights, here’s a brief history lesson about King Cake!


The History of King Cakes 

We traditionally kick off the Mardi Gras season by eating King Cake! The first day of Mardi Gras starts officially on the Twelfth Day after Christmas on January 6th, a day many people call ‘Kings Day”. Kings Day is a yearly celebration of the Three Wise Men or Kings in Bethlehem who delivered those three fancy gifts to Baby Jesus. Thus, we have King Cake!

Mardi Gras became a tradition for the people of New Orleans by the 1730s. These days, King Cakes were simple with just a bit of frosted sugar. 

Beans or trinkets that symbolize Baby Jesus were baked into King Cakes all around the world where Mardi Gras is celebrated. Here in Louisiana, finding the baby symbolizes luck and prosperity for those who find it! Being so lucky, it’s your job to buy the next King Cake and throw the next big Mardi Gras Celebration.

It’s likely that this meaning evolved from New Orleans in the 1870s. Historians have said, that the Twelfth Night Revelers society made it tradition to crown the person who found the “baby” in their slice the King of the ball. 

Speaking of New Orleans, Louisiana!  Did you know that New Orleans was the first place to actually use a little baby trinket in their King Cakes? In the 1950s, Donald Entringer, owner of McKenzie’s Bakery began the tradition. A traveling salesman had so many extra miniature porcelain baby dolls that he suggested Entringer buy them to bake into his King Cakes. Well, the idea took off like crazy! Eventually, when Entringer ran out of porcelain babies, he switched to plastic babies.

You won’t be surprised to know that bakers and enthusiasts debate whether there is a strict set of rules to make a true King Cake. We traditionally know King Cake as a cinnamon-flavored cake topped with frosting, purple, green, and gold sprinkles. Many local King Cake bakers say that all you really need is a cake made of slightly sweet brioche dough, twisted and formed in the shape of an oval or circle with a hole in the middle. The filling flavor can be anything–meaning you can find a local King Cake in Baton Rouge no matter your taste!

Insiders Share Local King Cake Insight

King Cake is delicious and everyone knows it. You can find the King Cake flavor whipped into every drink, milkshake, and pastry during this season! The only problem is deciding where to buy it. 

So the moment you’ve all been waiting for is–Where to find the best local King Cakes!

Where is your favorite King Cake in Louisiana from?
    Counterspace BR  – Cameron Boudreaux
    Hi-Do in New Orleans – Karleigh Liberto
    (Brace yourself for this one) I've never had a King Cake! – Abby Snowden 
    Randazzo’s – Rebecca Boone
    Randazzo’s is great, but I eat Calandro’s mostly for accessibility - am also looking for smaller, local options! – Katie Brunet 
    Calandro’s Bakery, but I have many more to try! – Madi Joy Petty
    Batch Bakery!! or Randazzo's – Shelby Lednicky


    What is your favorite flavor of King Cake?
      Plain/cinnamon – Cameron Boudreaux
      Pineapple – Karleigh Liberto
      Chantilly – Megan Kerr
      Strawberry Cream Cheese – Rebecca Boone
      Pecan & Cinnamon, so far – Madi Joy Petty
      Cinnamon – Shelby Lednicky

        Have you ever tried to make your own King Cake?
          Yes - it was terrible lol – Cameron Boudreaux

          No...but now that you’ve mentioned it... – Jay

          Nope. But I do make king cake cookies. It’s just a donut shaped snickerdoodle cookie with the icing and sprinkles! – Karleigh Liberto

          I bought the Gracious Bakery kit for my mom for Christmas! Results to come soon! – Katie Brunet

              What's the weirdest flavor you have ever tried and did you like it?
                The "Who Dat" from Calandros - PB and chocolate - was pretty good but too much – Cameron Boudreaux
                Bavarian Cream and Raspberry – Rebecca Boone
                I’ve had a “boudin king cake” and it was glorious. – Katie Brunet
                I stick with the tried and true flavors! – Shelby Lednicky

                  What is your favorite dessert that is flavored like King Cake, but not actual King Cake? Where is it from?
                    King cake bread pudding from Bistro Byronz, or the King Cake Balls from Brew Ha Ha if that count! – Cameron Boudreaux
                    A latte from Strangebrew Cafe in Starkville, Ms  – Jay
                    I do love PJs Coffee king cake coffees if that counts lol – Megan Kerr (Yes, Megan, yes it does!) 
                    Blue Bell King Cake Ice cream – Abby Snowden 
                    King Cake Milkshake from Fat Cow Burgers! – Katie Brunet
                    The Vintage King Cake beignet or King Cake donuts from Mary Lees Donuts – Madi Joy Petty
                    King Cake Daiquiris (from like anywhere) – Shelby Lednicky

                      Do you have a King Cake tradition? If so, what is it?
                        Every year I pick 3 new king cakes to try! – Cameron Boudreaux
                        Got married during Mardi Gras week so we celebrate our anniversary with king cake as well – Megan Kerr (Happy Anniversary, Megan!)
                        I wouldn’t say I have any king cake traditions besides eating as much during King Cake season as possible. – Katie Brunet
                        Same as Katie! – Madi Joy Petty
                        Whoever finds the baby buys the next cake! – Shelby Lednicky

                          Is there anything else you would like to share about King Cakes? 
                            I love how many amazing spots here in BR to grab a great king cake! – Cameron Boudreaux
                            Would love to have other flavors (pumpkin-filled) or King cakes throughout different holidays – Megan Kerr 
                            Looking forward to trying them out and understanding the excitement! – Abby Snowden 
                            Oschner's Eat Fit makes low-carb, gluten-free King Cakes! – Madi Joy Petty
                            King cake calories really do not count! – Rebecca Boone

                            Laissez les bon Temps Rouler

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