Locals Supporting Locals: 10 Ways To Support Local

Locals Supporting Locals: 10 Ways To Support Local

Louisiana thrives on its unique character, and a big part of that charm comes from the independent businesses and talented individuals who call our state home. From home raised goats to create soap and bath products to the mouthwatering pepper jellies made with locally-made goods embody the spirit of Louisiana.

Locals Supporting Locals

But how can we, as residents, ensure these businesses and artisans continue to flourish? The answer lies in a simple concept: supporting locals. It's a win-win situation, injecting energy into our communities and giving ourselves access to one-of-a-kind products crafted with passion. So, let's dive into 10 ways we can all become champions for Louisiana's local scene! We asked our customers on social the other day, when you think of Sweet Baton Rouge® what do you think of? It makes our hearts so warm that most of you think about our community focus for other local businesses. It’s been a major footprint of our business for as long as we’ve been in business. Because of the Lagniappe Box we’ve been able to meet so many incredible local businesses over the years and have them inside our store front. What started back in 2018-2019 of a mixed floorplan of our t-shirts and local goods to 2020 campaigning for locals supporting locals during an incredible hard year for most! Our love for small business will always be the driving force behind Sweet Baton Rouge®. 

ABOUT ALINE PRINT + DESIGN: Aline Moreaux is a graphic designer and illustrator based in Baton Rouge and (as of the summer of 2022) New Orleans. She graduated with a bachelor's degree in graphic design from Louisiana State university in the oh-so-unprecedented times of 2020. Since then, she has been acting as an art director and designer for both agencies and for herself as a freelancer. She has had the opportunity to work for national brands, such as shake shack, as well as local clients.

ABOUT HEART TO HAND: Handmade calligraphy card, One Card and One Envelope per Single Card Order. Hand Made in Baton Rouge by Heart to Hand.

ABOUT STEWARD & JAMES: Welcome to Steward & James. Established in 2020, our brand was founded with the desire to create something extraordinary among the chaos of the world. Every piece tells a story and every design celebrates the beauty within you. Let Steward & James be the companion to your everyday adventures, and may our jewelry empower you to embrace your unique style and feel unstoppable every step of the way.

Locals Supporting Locals

ABOUT MEMENTOS BY MALLORY: I'm Mallory Matthews, and I am a college student from Baton Rouge, Louisiana studying marketing and social entrepreneurship. Through Mementos by Mallory, I hope to provide customers with a vibrant piece of artwork that will be a "memento," or reminder, of the many ways you can uplift someone else. * Look for new work coming very soon! 

ABOUT LILLIPUT: Lilliput Little Things is a female-owned small business specializing in bringing joy to the every day. Always hypoallergenic, titanium post earrings for comfortable all day wear.

ABOUT HOME MALONE: Local artist Kristin Malone opened a storefront stocked with handcrafted items that are exclusively made in the Deep South. From Texas to South Carolina, artisans are hard at work creating products you can feel good about getting and giving. With a focus on quality, affordability, and purity, you can buy gifts for home, for him, for her, and for them.Simply, it's local lagniappe - that something extra we get by supporting our locals. * We are sold out of her products but will have more back in stock very soon. Her kitchen towels are one of our best sellers! 

ABOUT BENEATH THE BARK: Quality materials, good designs, craftsmanship and sustainability. We help plant bald cypress trees to prevent coastal erosion in Louisiana with every purchase made. Founded by Molly Taylor.

ABOUT CREAMLINE ESSENTIALS: Creamline Essentials is a goat milk soap and bath product company owned by Sydni and Jessie Noakes, a mother/daughter duo committed to bringing you the best products from their beautiful Nubian goat herd located in Prospect, Louisiana! * They are restocking their amazing soaps asap! 

Locals Supporting Locals

ABOUT SOUTHERN CHAOS: We found the perfect book Southern Chaos: Organizing the Southern Home for you by local business Chaos Organizing, their 5-step CHAOS Method will create time for that juicy gossip session with your bestie, the latest best-selling novel, or an afternoon nap. And you will not have to get rid of all your stuff to do this!

ABOUT STATEMENT GOODS: Statement Goods come to us out of New Orleans includes greeting cards, original art and prints, handmade items, and ceramics.You have even seen some goods inside a Lagniappe Box a time or two as well.

ABOUT LAGNIAPPE GOODS: These products are sourced locally or made locally for a little something extra, the Louisiana Way. Our goal for Lagniappe will be a place where you can purchase anytime! 

Locals Supporting Locals

In conclusion, locals supporting local isn't just about shopping or grabbing a bite to eat. It's about investing in the small town big heart and soul of Louisiana. Remember, every dollar spent locally goes further, fostering a thriving atmosphere where creativity and passion can continue to blossom. So, the next time you're looking for a special gift, consider going local first. You might be surprised by the hidden gems you discover and the positive impact you create in your own backyard of Baton Rouge, Louisiana. Let's continue to champion Louisiana's local scene, one purchase, experience, or kind word at a time!

If you know someone who would love to participate as a Local Vendor with Sweet Baton Rouge®, share our Local Vendor Submission form with them so we can get to know them! 

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