New found Tread Head after my first experience

New found Tread Head after my first experience

Hey guys, Meredith here and I’m so excited to share with you my experience over at TreadBR with you today! First thing, I want to share a little about them and where they are located.


  • TreadBR: 4207 Perkins Rd (Near College but closer to Acadian on Perkins)

So what is TreadBR? TreadBR is comprised of three main components: fitness, personal experience, and activewear. 

The workout I went with was their Tread class, they offer a new client buy one get one free class, which I’m thrilled about. This class is a one-hour group interval class using the treadmill for your main source of cardio, strength training with hand weights and TRX exercises, all the while working on your core through intervals to give you a full total body workout.

I’ve personally never taken a class like this but can I tell you I LOVED it. I was very scared of the treadmill to be very honest even though I’m a runner. I’ll be open with you, I didn’t push myself completely on the treadmills because I was being more cautious — only because I didn’t know what to expect. Our session started off with 6 minutes on the treadmill and you can pace yourself based on your fitness level. For me, I paced myself right around a 6 (1-12) on the settings and that felt like a nice comfortable but faster than a jogging pace.

After our first 6 minute run, we hopped off and worked legs doing squats to lunges on the TRX.  Another new thing I’ve never done before. It was a challenge at first because I was a newbie, and the small group around me had been using this equipment already. When we completed our TRX we got back on the treadmill and upped our pace. We repeated that interval working our way down to smaller intervals and going in between TRX and working hand weights all in between our treadmill runs.

Somewhere in the middle, one of the girls to my left gave me a high five which was empowering and kept me encouraged to keep going to, Don’t Stop Just Geaux. The owner Kristen, was our instructor and she was so encouraging and kept you motivated the whole time and it didn’t hurt to have a little Drake playing loudly in the background. I can’t wait to sign back up for my second class and either try the same class again now I know what to expect or try another one of their classes.

They have a full round of classes you could try from their TreadBR to Yoga or Pilates, They have bike classes to their very own boot camp military style CamoTread. Click here to see their full list of class offerings.

They offer pop-ups monthly called “Tread to Table” and next months will be in New Orleans, Saturday, August 18th at The Pontchartrain Hotel for a morning of wellness. They will kick it off with a workout led by our owner Kristen Arsenault and Amy Chagnard, followed by a Raw Republic curated brunch! Here you can find a list of past and future events.