St. Patrick's Day in Sweet Baton Rouge

St. Patrick's Day in Sweet Baton Rouge

It's time for the Wearing of the Green parade, y'all! One of the best (and often most hilarious) days of the year in Sweet Baton Rouge, we wanted to bring you a post to give you a little run down of things to do around the parade.  But not just that. We are so excited to be bringing you our very first full Insider post. What does that mean? Well, if you haven't read our full mission statement for Sweet Baton Rouge, you should do that first. Okay, so now that you get the gist of what we're doing here, then it will make sense to tell you that this is the first of many collaborative blogs you'll see here. For a few posts every month, we're going to have our insiders' input on what we're chatting about. And that's what makes Sweet Baton Rouge Insider different, and it's what we're most excited to see grow with this blog.

Okay, so back to the parade. First up, what the heck are you going to eat while you're down there? Never fear, we've got you covered.

Overpass Merchant - With a business tagline like "Good Food. Good Drinks", OM is the perfect fit for the St. Pat's parade. Pop in for some truffle fries (drool), or grab a Overpass Merchant mule (so good).

Crawfish on the Geaux - You might be in Louisiana if you can get crawfish out of a food truck. Praise be that someone came up with this idea and decided to park it directly on the parade route.

Zippy's - Can you talk about Perkins Road without talking about Zippy's? (The answer is no). The best Mexican food Baton Rouge has to offer, in my humble and sometimes unpopular opinion, you literally cannot find a better margarita. Be prepared for this place to be packed to the gills, but it's worth it.

Once the parade has rolled through and the ground is covered in beads and trash, if you're not in the mood to fight traffic and feel like sticking around, Uncle Earl's is having their 9th Annual St Patricks Day Music Fest is going to be the place for you. Food trucks, a DJ, and some pretty amazing live bands. The Cheeweez, Parish County Line, & the Chase Tyler Band will all be headlining the evening. They do have pre-sale tickets, so jump over and grab yours! And now, it's time to hear from our Insiders!

What’s your favorite thing about the St. Patrick’s Day parade, and where do you catch it at?

Always, always the community! Seeing everybody come together from their different neighborhoods around town to mix and mingle is by far my favorite. You’ll catch me eating all the queso at Zippys – marg in hand! -- Erinn Sala | Marketing Manager at Perkins Rowe and Fitness!

Strangely enough, I've never been to the parade!! I've always either been out of town, on a shoot or unavailable! We plan to go this year and we can't wait! -- Kristina Britt | Kristina Britt Photography

Some of our closest friends used to live on the route, so we would catch it right by City Pork, but they moved last year - so we’re going to have to find a new spot! -- Blake Guichet | Sweet Baton Rouge® and Magnolia Ink! 

This year, I'll be away for work at a conference for the parade but I will be sporting my green Sweet Baton Rouge tee in Greenville, South Caroline while there. -- Meredith Waguespack | Sweet Baton Rouge®

I have never experienced St. Patty's Day in Baton Rouge. I hope to do so this year, excited to see what the other insiders say. -- Kerrie Kikendall | All Things Considered by Keki

We don’t do the parade but certainly celebrate eating crawfish? -- Rebecca Lusk | Eat.Love.BR.


We used to live on the parade route and liked to catch it either right at the start of Hundred Oaks or at Eugene/Broussard. Both of those locations are very family friendly! I love the people watching during the parade, and I love that I can always spot the Leprechaun amateur sketch (“where the gold at? I want the gold!”) on at least one float every year. -- Hannah | Cold Coffee, Hot Mess