We wanted to share some of the top questions we have seen in google searches with you with our Sweet Baton Rouge® Guide to Gameday from where to park, where to watch, and what does tailgating and a Game Day at LSU looks like.⁣ 

Where can you park for LSU Gameday?

Everybody knows the hardest part of LSU gameday is finding somewhere to park! It’s important to know which roads will be closed and where parking is allowed. North Stadium Drive, South Stadium Drive, and West Stadium Drive (near the stadium) will always be closed to vehicular traffic on gamedays. While tailgating is allowed along Nicholson, personal parking is not permitted between West Chimes and Brightside. Just to be safe, check to make sure there aren’t any ‘No Parking’ signs around the area before you park. Please don’t park on campus’ tree roots, tree drip lines, medians, or landscaped areas. No one wants to get towed during the tailgate! When you do find a spot, make sure it’s a designated parking area! Most are on a first-come, first serve basis and will not allow you to save a spot for your family or friends, so make sure everyone gets out there early! Finally, parking spaces are for VEHICLES ONLY, so try to avoid setting up your chairs or tent in a car space! The key to finding good parking on gameday is being there on time and knowing where you need to go.

Do they sell alcohol at LSU games?

We know what everyone is most concerned about for gameday: Do they sell alcohol at LSU games? No worries, we got you covered. LSU does in fact offer beer and wine sales inside the stadium for ages 21+ at most of its concession stands. Make sure you have your ID on you, or you won’t be able to purchase from the stands! Any alcohol from outside the stadium is strictly prohibited, and you are limited to two alcoholic beverages per transaction in the stadium. Make sure you have everything you need for the rest of the game by the end of the third quarter, when alcohol sales end! Any inappropriate behavior due to overconsumption of alcohol will result in being kicked out the game, so stay on your best behavior!

Where To Watch LSU Football Play?

If you are looking to watch the game in person, you’ll need tickets! You can get tickets from the LSU website directly, or ask around and see who may be selling their tickets for that weekend. Some people may not be selling their tickets until the last minute, so don’t give up hope too early!

Can’t make it to the game but you still want to watch? We got your back! You should be able to watch your tigers on ABC, CBS, ESPN, FOX Sports 1, SEC Network, and SEC Network+. We know it can be difficult or tiring to make it to all the games, so there’s no shame in watching from the comfort of your couch!

Where do you tailgate at LSU?

To get the full LSU gameday experience, tailgating is a must! It’s the best way to socialize, eat, and get excited before the game. Before tailgating, make sure to check LSU’s guidelines to make sure everyone has a smooth day. There are many tailgating spots available around campus. The most popular include the Parade Grounds,Touchdown Village, Indian Mounds, and the Greek Amphitheater. The Parade Grounds are at the center of campus and where you’ll find most tiger fans tailgating. If you’re there at noon, you’ll get to hear the LSU Alma Mater played from Memorial Tower! Touchdown Village is the best RV tailgating spot for those who like to keep it cool. The Indian Mounds are a great spot for families because kids love to take turn rolling down the mounds while waiting for the game. Finally, if you’re really at the game for the band, we recommend tailgating at the Greek Amphitheater. You’ll get to hear the Golden Band from Tigerland warm up before their march down victory hill with the beloved Goldengirls and LSU Flag Girls. This fun tradition starts an hour and a half before kickoff. Make sure to stop by Mike’s habitat before heading into Death Valley for the time of your life!