Sweet Baton Rouge® Tailgating Guide

Sweet Baton Rouge® Tailgating Guide

The Sweet Baton Rouge team has put together the ultimate Sweet Baton Rouge® Tailgating Guide on what is there to do on LSU Gameday, from what do you do at a football tailgate, from menu planning, Gameday necessities, games, decor, and music. Leave us a comment, and tell us what you think! 

Talk about Tailgating Menu:

BBQ is essential at any tailgate. Who’s bringing the grill and what’s on the menu?

Boudin, smoked sausage, burgers, chicken wings, pork stuffed with cream cheese wrapped in bacon, smoked chicken, or even grilled veggies. And you got to have some type of bread to pair it with, lots of condiments to enhance, and yes, cheese!

Absolutely cannot forget the chips and alllllll the dips! Also, something sweet, a simple grab and go! Food at the tailgate should be easy. 

Koozie basket! Packed with all your favorite koozies to hand out to the people at your tailgate. Everyone loves a koozie! And when you supply one to someone, their whole day might be made. It is the simple things at a tailgate. 

Where’s the ice chests at? 

Got to keep all your pregame drinks somewhere. And don’t forget ice! This is what is most important. What’s the point of an ice chest with no ice? Hot drink on a hot day? No thank you, a nice, cold one please! 

What’s your go-to tailgating drink? 

Does it depend on the time? Mimosas in the morning for a day game, mixed cocktails throughout the day for a night game, or do you always stick to beer and seltzers at your tailgate? Most importantly - do not forget to pack bottled water. This is crucial to a good day. Dehydration is real, and water is the answer. Water, water, water!!!

Don’t forget the necessities: 

Utensils, paper plates, LOTS of paper towels, soap, trash bags, solo cups, napkins, tailgating chairs, etc. Split up who brings what! This is what a tailgate is about. And the more the merrier! Who is bringing the beer pong table? Ping pong balls? You’re gonna need a towel. 

Games that you can play: 

corn hole, ladder golf, spike ball, beer pong, flip cup, throwing around the football

What about gameday decor?

Do you bring your favorite team's flag to show your pride at your tailgate? Beads and pom-poms to give out to your fellow tailgaters to get in the gameday spirit!  


Do you have a certain go-to tailgate playlist? Or did you make your own? You got the speakers and boombox handy? You have to play the LSU Golden Band from Tigerland at LEAST once at your tailgate spot, but what are some other artists that get the party going at your tailgate? We love a good mixture! Got to have some old country up in there, some 70s, some 90’s rap and R&B, some Louisiana artists, some 2000’s hits…We could keep going on-and-on. The point is…the playlist needs to be one for the people! Has to be mixed with songs that each and every person will enjoy! This makes for the best tailgating memories! 

Know your spot: 

Get there early for the best spot! Try to look for somewhere with trees. Shade is your friend! If you can’t find a good spot under a nice shady tree, think about bringing a tent! Also, as we all know, parking can be a hassle. Give yourself time by getting there early to grab a good spot! 

What’s the outfit? 

First, check the weather. You may need your favorite pair of sunnies or a cap. However, it may be raining. We all know it loves to rain here in the good ole BR. So, you may need your best rain jacket or poncho or maybe even some good rain boots. 

Are you a classic tee and denim kind of person? Paired with some sneaks and accessories? 

Or do you like to dress up for your tailgates? 

A game day outfit secret - it’s all about the socks. Packing an extra pair of socks may save you from standing in wet socks all day. This may be the worst feeling of all time. We got your back!

Prepping for entering the stadium: 

Remember clear bags and pockets are your best friend. Make sure you can touch your ticket before leaving the tailgate. If it’s an electronic ticket, make sure that link works. Take a drink for the road - make the walk from your tailgate spot to tiger stadium fun!