Top 5 Places to Get Crawfish in Baton Rouge

Top 5 Places to Get Crawfish in Baton Rouge

Continue to explore Baton Rouge with us during crawfish season! Crawfish is a big deal in Louisiana, so it is important that you are buying it from the right place so you’re not wasting your time and money. Good crawfish makes all the difference, which is why the next thing we are exploring in Baton Rouge is where to get the best crawfish at!

Already high on people’s list is Willie’s Restaurant. They stay true to their Cajun routes with their pretty-much-seafood-everything menu and their King Cake cheesecake. They are also a hot spot for crawfish during this unfortunately short season. Call them at 225-372-2526 or message them on social media to find out their crawfish pricing!

Heads & Tails Seafood offers dine-in, delivery, shipping, and catering services. They have been a staple for seafood since 1982! Their menu pretty much includes everything the ocean has to offer, including spices, sauces, and roux’s that are all made in Louisiana. With pretty reasonable prices, Heads & Tails Seafood is a great place to get your seasonal crawfish.

Since 1982, Drusilla Seafood Restaurant has been a seafood favorite, offering an extensive menu of fried, boiled, and blackened seafood. Offering dine-in, delivery, and catering, it’s a great place to also get crawfish at. They proudly claim that they have been labeled the “Best Seafood in Baton Rouge” by guests and local food critics. You might just have to check it out yourself this season!

With the highest ratings on this list, you need to see what the hype is about Tony’s Seafood Market & Deli for yourself! This place isn’t a restaurant, so it’s perfect for that quick grab-and-go. They offer catering, shipping, and delivery. A family established business, it has grown into one of the largest seafood markets in the South. Not only do they offer crawfish, they also offer a wide selection of fresh seafood from the Gulf. Go check out Tony’s Seafood Market & Deli for this year’s crawfish season!

Lastly, we have Crawfish on the Geaux. Literally on the go, you can find this crawfish in a food truck parked in the Acadian Perkins Plaza Shopping Center. They offer takeout and catering. They also have high ratings, with people raving about the quality of their crawfish. There is also hardly a wait, and they rarely run out. Their prices depend, so make sure to call ahead to see how much they are charging that day.

Crawfish season is such a cultural impact in Louisiana, marking springtime, celebrations, and allowing groups of people to come together. It also brings in a huge annual economic impact to Louisiana by providing jobs and giving back to the economy. Many people also believe that crawfish are a symbol of steadfastness and courage. Of course there are many other places in Baton Rouge to get quality crawfish this season, these were just our favorites. If yours didn’t make it to the list, let us know where you go every year!