Top 5 Snoball Stands in #sweetbatonrouge

Top 5 Snoball Stands in #sweetbatonrouge

Summer’s in Louisiana require ways to stay cool and a Louisiana staple like a snoball offers just that! We are going our top 5 local Baton Rouge favorites, plus two favorites in New Orleans.

Local Supporting Locals spotlight on the newest and cutest snoball stand in Baton Rouge. Our number one favorite snoball stand is right down the street from the Sweet Baton Rouge flagship, Aliye Belle’s they are  sweet little snowball and snack stand, family friendly in the heart of MidCity owned by Leola’s Cafe and Coffee House and located in Circa 1857! This snowball stand also means more to Leola’s Cafe than a snoball stand, it’s in honor of an employee who they all loved dearly Aliye Belle. May her legacy continue and a great family owned business to support this summer with a refreshing Louisiana snoball.

  1. Aliye Belle’s, 1857 Government St located in the lot at Circa 1857 @aliyebellessnowballs
  2. SnoMan Snoballs, two locations 9534 Burbank and 14616 Tiger Bend Rd @snomansnoballs
  3. Cool Delights Snowballs, three locations 544 North Foster Dr,  7269 Airline Hwy(Near Winbourne), 1115 Government St. (12th St) @cooldelightsbr
  4. The Sno Shop, 3655 Perkins Road @_thesnoshop
  5. Waycool Snowballs, 7020 Antioch Rd @waycool_snowballs

New Orleans has so many snoball stands to list but here’s two of our favorites but invite you to share yours too! 

  1. Hansen’s Sno-Bliz, 4801 Tchoupitoulas St @snobliz
  2. Ike's Snowballs, 520 City Park Ave @ikessnowballs

Ok, so we know this doesn’t put a dent into the many amazing locally ran snoball stands around Louisiana but now, need some help we hop this list does that as an inside look of where to go for snoballs! 

XOXO - Meredith