Year End Review #SBRWRAPPED23

Year End Review #SBRWRAPPED23

What an extraordinary journey it's been for Sweet Baton Rouge® in 2023! From our stunning new logo and Petey the Pelican rebrand to an array of captivating designs crafted by an amazing team of designers. Meredith embarked on speaking engagements, sharing her story far and wide, and hit the road across Louisiana, showcasing our t-shirts to new venues and meeting new incredible SBR Family along the way.

Our commitment to philanthropy reached new heights with the launch of The Petey's Scholarship, marking the beginning of a meaningful chapter. Collaborating on a special project with Origin Hotel added a unique dimension to our year. 

Discovering your favorite designs, including our best sellers, was a true joy. Particularly, The Seasons design has found its place not only within Sweet Baton Rouge® but also as a defining element inside the upcoming Origin Hotel. The Seasons—becoming a visual cornerstone for both Sweet Baton Rouge® and the soon-to-be Origin Hotel on a collaborative design we did with Aline Prints & Design.

And then, there's the move to Perkins Rowe, a pivotal step bringing our entire team together under one roof to better serve our Baton Rouge community. What a year it's been—here's to the memories, the growth, and the shared love for Sweet Baton Rouge® in our #SBRWRAPPED23 Moments.

Petey The Pelican
This year, we gave Petey the Pelican a fresh look! Seeking authenticity, versatility, and timelessness, we collaborated with the incredible X Design team. From monogramming hats to gracing our polos, Petey needed to shine in various forms, from simple branding on our t-shirts to social media and our website.

Our journey began in February, exploring looks that resonated with Sweet Baton Rouge® through mood boards. We delved into different variations of our beloved pelican, tweaking brand colors to embrace the purple family. By May, we unveiled the new Petey & logo, and the love and reception were beyond our expectations.

Transformative changes can be daunting, especially in branding where recognition is hard-earned. Yet, with change comes growth, and we're excited to dive deeper into Petey's world this year. He's not just a logo; he's an embodiment of Sweet Baton Rouge® and local love, showcased through our blog @SBRLocalGuide, where Petey celebrates our favorite Louisiana seasons with his vibrant personality. This marked the beginning of this transformative journey with our classic and full-of-personality Petey! 

Speaking Engagements

This year brought amazing chances to cast aside Meredith's insecurities and take the stage at various events. From the Influential Baton Rouge Business Women's Network conference in January 2023, where Meredith enjoyed a lively Q&A session on "How I Built This," to opening up about "What Keeps Her Geauxing" at the Renew Retreat—She felt truly honored.

Being part of the LSU Women In Business panel and engaging with the Central Chamber of Commerce added another layer of fulfillment. These opportunities allowed Meredith to share her personal journey, paving the way for The Petey’s Scholarship and opening doors to explore her love for analytics and a different side to work with small businesses through Nouveau Consulting. Grateful for the incredible moments and the chance to make a meaningful impact!


Being part of thriving organizations dedicated to giving back to our community brings us immense joy. Throughout this year, we collaborated with Fork Cancer Baton Rouge, Flower Fest, Thrive Academy, and Mary Bird Perkins, channeling our efforts through specially designed t-shirts and fundraisers. Additionally, we proudly contributed to various local events, extending our support in every way possible.


New Designs

This year, Meredith embraced a new role, diving into a fun role working alongside multiple graphic designers. You could call her the project manager for all our new designs, it's been a whirlwind of creativity. We proudly launched over 60 design projects, crafted by our fantastic team of designers.

The spectrum of designs spanned for our Eras (new products coming 24), Sorority Launch, Gameday, Crawfish, and Holiday Collections, as well as the unique Geauxmaha & Heisman t-shirt. That's not all—we introduced exciting new products like our She is Fierce notebook & notepad, lagniappe goods, and holiday ornaments, adding new elements to our lineup. 

Get ready for the unveiling of 12 brand-new Mardi Gras t-shirts on January 6th!

Pop Up Events
This year, we set out on a mission to bring Sweet Baton Rouge® to every corner of Louisiana, so we wish. Our journey began with a road trip to North Louisiana, making stops to see friends/family and collaborate with local businesses along the way. The experience sparked a new initiative. We filled our calendar with a slew of fantastic local events—Junior League gatherings, Flower Fest, and school Christmas markets.

Navigating over 20+ events in total, it's been a blast creating a process that takes Sweet Baton Rouge® on the road. Our 5th Ultimate Tailgate in August, a local market born in 2019, marked another highlight. At the Ultimate Tailgate, we united local artisans, boutiques, and vendors, each showcasing their incredible creations.

Despite the sweltering heat, customers made it a memorable day, gearing up for gameday in style. Your support at events like these means the world to the small business community, especially in these past few years.

A special shoutout to Jordan from Wheretogeaux225 for coordinating our first-ever Jambalaya Cook-Off for Thrive Foundation, and a big thank you to the judges and everyone who participated. Together, we raised $1000 through our Jambalaya Food Ticket sales. Here's to creating a thriving local community right here in Louisiana, whether through events, collaborations in our subscription box, or at our store!

Origin Hotel
This year's been a game-changer, and this project that started over the summer holds a special place in our transformative journey this year. Grateful that our Louisiana business was chosen for this project, such an honor. Stay tuned for the full scoop—it's a thrilling chapter for us and them in 2024. Until then, savoring this as one till the opening. Read our Blog, Stay Golden At The Origin Hotel in Red Rock!

Zippy’s Collab
After the Bama game last year, we reached out to Zippy's for a collab, and the love and excitement poured in, turning this into a #SBRWRAPPED23 highlight.

This post garnered 1000+ 💜, 38 comments, 283 shares, and 39 saves and overall reach 15K of you saw this post. Huge thanks to Louis and Neal for trusting us with their logo, creating an iconic tee.Thrilled to continue the collaboration in 2024 with a new shirt color and another awesome saying.

Louisiana Prep
In 2022, we introduced our Louisiana Prep in Blue Spruce, and the response was amazing. In 2023, it became a Bestseller, appearing in various colors.

Big thanks for embracing this classic design! Any specific color combo you're itching to see this year in 2024? We are feeling the Pantone Color of the Year in Peach. 

The Seasons
Let's give a grand farewell to the year with a spotlight on our Seasons T-shirt! What began as a simple celebration of Louisiana's favorite seasons, from Mardi Gras to holiday gumbo feasts, has blossomed into an iconic look in our new store.

As we embarked on the journey to Perkins Rowe, the talented Aline Prints + Design, the designer behind The Seasons design and our special project (we mentioned), became a visual cornerstone in our store. Seamlessly blending the two projects, as she brought this design to life through our store's wallpaper.

The Seasons design has evolved into a symbol of Sweet Baton Rouge®, shaping not only our t-shirt but also influencing the Lagniappe Box. With five shirt options, two prints & stickers, and now a prominent spot in our store and special project, it's no wonder this design is a best seller. This post is a tribute to the impact it's made and the exciting future projects it holds—a true #SBRWRAPPED23 moment!

New Store 

Our move to Perkins Rowe has been nothing short of thrilling. Transitioning into an all-in-one operation is a game-changer—one we haven't experienced since officially opening our store in August 2020. Before our first store, we operated out of a two-office space, transforming it into a showroom. Since then, it's been a delicate dance between the warehouse for printing, the office for distribution, and back to the store.

Being under one roof for distribution, with the entire team in one spot, has been a joy over the last month and a half. As we step into 2024 at our new location, we're eager to explore the boundless creativity that comes with this unified setup. You'll often find me during the week, typing away at my little office desk in the front of the store or collaborating with team members on marketing and design. 

Being this close to our customers again brings me immense joy.Building relationships with customers like you, whether through email, phone calls, DMs, or visits to the store, is at the heart of what we do. It's our WHY. It's why we create, why we moved to Perkins Rowe. We asked for your input through surveys, and when we posed the question of moving or opening another store, Perkins Rowe was the resounding majority response.

As we wrap up the End of the Year for 2023, it's been an adventure filled with trials, learning, growth, and expansion. Here's to the exciting journey ahead.