7 Years of the Cajun Navy and Unveiling a New T-Shirt Design!

7 Years of the Cajun Navy and Unveiling a New T-Shirt Design!

Cajun Navy Ground Force is a 501c3 that coordinated citizens to save lives during Louisiana's 2016 disastrous flooding and has remained engaged by helping flood victims with long term recovery.

When a natural disaster strikes the Cajun Navy Ground Force is ready to help. They quickly mobilize volunteers nationwide with trained professionals ready to respond to those in need.

They also partner with national, federal, and local corporations, you can also donate directly on their website as well to help them with supplies and things they need to make these rescues possible. 

Learn more at gocajunnavy.org and if you want to help by volunteering, you can register here. They have multiple ways of how you can help through their community caretaker and safe camps programs. 

It's been seven years since the Cajun Navy emerged as a beacon of hope and resilience in the face of natural disasters, and we want to commemorate this milestone with the launch of a brand-new Cajun Navy t-shirt design to be used for future fundraising efforts if the time arises. Join us as we take a look back at the incredible journey of the Cajun Navy and unveil our latest tribute to these heroes.

2016:  Sweet Baton Rouge® created the Cajun Navy t-shirt to show our Cajun Navy pride and appreciation for the brave men and women who launched their boats into the August 2016 floodwaters in efforts to rescue those who were stranded. That year, we are proud to have donated nearly $50K for our local Greater Baton Rouge Food Bank. We choose the food bank as our partner during natural disasters because they align themselves with Feed America where they can make a huge food impact on cities and areas firsthand. 

2017:  The Cajun Navy arrived in Houston and performed search and rescue. Because of our Cajun Navy t-shirt, we are proud to have donated nearly $24K to the Houston Food Bank. 

2018: A little over two years since the Great Flood, we created a Cajun Navy t-shirt that went on to raise over $77k in flood relief funds for both Baton Rouge, Houston, Carolinas and Florida due to an active year of Hurricanes.

2020: Lake Charles and surrounding areas were hit so hard with Hurricane Laura, there wasn’t as much flooding and complete devastation but we knew our Cajun Navy t-shirtcould still do good and make some impact.  That year we were able to donate from our sales of the Cajun Navy t-shirt $3200 to the Baton Rouge Food Bank for Hurricane Laura relief.

2021:  Hurricane Ida hit our bayou parishes the hardest with so much flooding and destruction, we donated $4500 from the Cajun Navy t-shirt and our Bayou Collection  between our sales to the Baton Rouge Food Bank and Funds for People of the Bayou to help with food, restoration, and assistance. 

Since 2016, through the sales of our Cajun Navy t-shirt, we have given back $85,000 during these disastrous weather events, we have aided through our partnership with the Greater Baton Rouge Food Bank, who aligns themselves with Feed America where we know every dollar is going to help give food to those in need when the storms aftermath. 

2023: As the 7th year of the Cajun Navy's remarkable journey, we are unveiling a new design that will continue to pays tribute to these selfless heroes in the call of duty. Our latest t-shirt is a testament to the unwavering spirit of unity that continues to drive their efforts. 

We hope they are never called back for natural disasters but if they were, we will use this shirt as a way to help those in need as an on-going mission that we started back in 2016 and will continue if needed.