Because of You: How Our Customers Shape Sweet Baton Rouge®

Because of You: How Our Customers Shape Sweet Baton Rouge®

This week, we wanted to turn the spotlight on what truly matters – you, our amazing customers! April threw some curveballs our way, reminding us that all businesses face unexpected challenges. As entrepreneurs, it's easy to get caught up in the desire for rapid growth. But sometimes, a slower pace allows for valuable reflection and appreciation. This month, I found myself reflecting on our incredible customer community. Year after year, you've shown incredible loyalty and provided us with insightful feedback. We truly wouldn't be here without your support. We understand that economic challenges affect everyone, you included. And with graduations and community events in full swing, life can get pretty hectic. In the midst of it all, it's easy to forget that our customers are busy too! Watch a long form video with Ugly Mug Marketing Coffee Chats: Building Brands, Overcoming Obstacles & Embracing the Journey.


Your t-shirts are such great value and hold up so well! And the designs are such true originals and the sayings are so precious! They express our feelings and our culture. But they also include the latest trends! I bought my niece who loves Harry styles the new white tshirt with gold writing that says “you’re golden”! I had made a reel for her birthday on Instagram to that song on Instagram.!!! That is the kind of ideas that y’all have on your t-shirts that separates y’all from the rest!! I mean the saying from sweet magnolia movie-darling idea!!!” - Customer Review

“This brand makes me feel closer to my mom! She loved shopping local and shopping at markets! I remember when I first saw the “sweet Baton Rouge” tank and she bought it for me. We quickly started buying grab bags and lagniappe boxes. Such a fun way to connect people back to Louisiana!” - Customer Review

“Sweet Baton Rouge encompasses the spirit and aesthetic of Baton Rouge perfectly and delivers it in high quality, reasonably priced products. I always find the cutest gameday gear that lasts for years! They have amazing customer service and always make sure you find what you’re looking for. I love how much they love the community and are involved with it!” - Customer Review 

We all go through seasons where we need to persevere. There's a funny story that perfectly illustrates this. On our 16th wedding anniversary, my husband and I were celebrating with friends at Juban's. When the waiter asked about the occasion, I mentioned it was our anniversary. They asked my husband, "How do you two do it? Sixteen is a long time?" His response, now a running joke, was simply, "We push through!" While lighthearted, it holds a deeper truth. Sometimes, pushing through challenges is what leads us to our goals.

Running a business for over a decade has been an incredible blessing. However, during this recent period of reflection, I want to embrace the little things that got us here. Your loyalty and love for our products, along with our dedication to serving you, are the true foundations of our success. It's important to cherish the good times, and we've certainly had many! Here are a few things I want to acknowledge…

2016: We took a leap of faith that year, transforming our office into a customer showroom and launching our Louisiana Love subscription box, Lagniappe Box!

2018-2019: Holiday magic arrived! We partnered with Perkins Rowe to create a festive one-stop shop for two seasons. Local vendors filled the space, offering a delightful shopping experience for customers (2018 for one week, extended to two weeks in 2019). This success helped us solidify our decision to transition from an office space to our very first brick-and-mortar store!

2019: We fell head over heels for outdoor markets and the incredible local community at Ultimate Tailgate! This year marks our sixth year hosting, and we're excited to see what the future holds. Save The Date: August 24th, 2024 12PM to 5PM.

2020-2023: Our journey at our first storefront in Electric Depot was one of tremendous growth. We expanded our team, assigning roles and responsibilities to empower them (letting go was challenging, but essential for future success). This allowed me to shift into a leadership and coaching role, sharing years of experience with my amazing team. The loyalty and relationships built with our incredible employees during this time are truly special.

2023: Dreams came true! We moved to Perkins Rowe where it all truly began for us, transforming our vision into the beautiful store you see today.

2024: And the adventure continues! We recently invested in a screen printing press and opened up a brand new business, Petey’s Press, and we're thrilled to see how God uses this exciting new addition to our business.

Setting goals is crucial, but during challenging times, it's equally important to acknowledge where you are. Sometimes, progress might seem small, but it's vital to recognize the constant evolution happening in both our personal and professional lives. While the path forward may not always be clear, I believe this "waiting season" will ultimately lead to positive outcomes.

In the meantime, I want to express my deepest gratitude to the customers who have supported us along the way. Your loyalty is truly inspiring to us. As many of you know, my faith plays a significant role in my business. God has always been the true CEO, and He remains my source of guidance. While I've experienced slow periods before, they feel different than this one. Regardless, I have full confidence that He is with me, as He has always been.

As we conclude, we at Sweet Baton Rouge® want to express our deepest gratitude for your unwavering support. Your love for our products, your encouragement, and your belief in our mission mean the world to us. We're incredibly blessed to have such a passionate community of customers who share our love for Baton Rouge and Louisiana.

Our vision is always about "Making Sweet Baton Rouge® THE place to buy Louisiana Goods & Apparel," and to make an impact through our philanthropy by supporting and giving back to other small businesses and communities. Our values at Sweet Baton Rouge® are centered around the acronym LOCAL: Loyalty to our customers, Ownership of our actions, Community focus, Authenticity in all we do, and Love for small businesses.

Community focus for other local businesses has always been a major footprint and our love for small business will always be the driving force behind Sweet Baton Rouge®.

This journey wouldn't be possible without you. We look forward to serving you for many years to come, and we're excited to see what the future holds together. Thank you again for being a part of the Sweet Baton Rouge® family!