Sweet Baton Rouge® Employee Retreat

Sweet Baton Rouge® Employee Retreat

We are sharing with you our Sweet Baton Rouge® Employee Retreat that our team took at the beginning of July and some of the fun things we did.

Day 1: Driving to the Beach

On Saturday, July 8th, the girls packed up their cars and headed towards Meredith's beach house! It was an eventful drive, filled with awesome music, gas station stops with squishmallows, and a long detour to a McDonald’s at 9 pm. We finally arrived at our beautiful destination, watched a bit of Twilight and then tucked ourselves into bed.

Day 2: Toes in the Sand + The Summer I Turned Pretty

Beach Day in 30A, Sweet Baton Rouge Employee Retreat

Sunday was all about relaxation on the beach and a visit to a cute little taco, Red Fish Taco  stand for lunch. As we soaked up the sun, we discovered that some of the girls hadn't seen "The Summer I Turned Pretty" yet, so we decided to fix that tonight! We picked up some pizza from Mimmos, cozied up on the couch at the beach house, and we caught them up on all the Jeremiah and Conrad drama.

Day 3: Rain, Rain Go Away

Monday's plan to head to crab island got canceled because the weather had other plans for us. Nonetheless, we refused to let the rain spoil our day! We made the best of it, enjoying delicious sandwiches from Cowgirl Chicken and indulging in a few more episodes of TSITP in the hot tub before getting ready for dinner at Blue Mabel (fun fact: The chef is from New Orleans, no wonder the food was so good!). We wrapped up the night with the season 1 finale of TSITP.

Day 4: Shopping, Paddleboarding, and Ice Cream… Oh My!

Somehow, Tuesday turned into an action-packed day, and we had an absolute blast! From grabbing lunch at the food trucks in Seaside to shopping around, we all found something exciting to bring home. Some of the girls picked up some vinyl from the Central Square Record store, and some of us got some classic Seaside merch. The Seaside store is actually where Meredith got a little inspiration for what she wanted the Flagship store to look like for Sweet Baton Rouge, she loved the cubbies that keep the Seaside tees organized and quick to grab your size. 

Next, we went on a paddleboarding adventure at Boathouse Paddle Club, with Meredith guiding us through some challenging yoga exercises on the boards. After that workout, a well-deserved ice cream treat awaited us at Blue Mountain Beach Creamery!

To end our fabulous beach trip, we got a taste of nostalgia. We ordered dinner from a local Mexican restaurant and watched "Steel Magnolias," introducing some of the girls to this iconic movie that has inspired many of our t-shirt designs like our 'I Slapped Ouiser Boudreaux' or 'Blush & Bashful'.

As we look back on our team retreat, we can't help but feel grateful for our fearless leader, Meredith. Her inspiration and guidance made this trip truly unforgettable. We created memories, strengthened bonds, and had a fantastic time, all thanks to her. We love you Meredith!